The locks were enlarged to Freycinet standards in the late 19th century, then again to their current dimensions after World War II.[3]. Map of all coordinates on Bing (2 levels). OpenStreetMap; Google Maps; Here WeGo; Bing Maps; MapQuest; Lieu : Bourgogne-Franche-Comt é, France, Europe; Latitude : 47,9637° ou 47° 57' 49,3" nord; Longitude : 3,4914° ou 3° 29' 29,1" est; Dans la même zone Localités.
The Yonne is a river in France, a left-bank tributary of the Seine. The river gives its name to the Yonne département. PK 62.6     Bridge (D1060, Sens bypass) PK 10.1     Gurgy quay, r/b, free mooring for 12 boats, water €5, electricity €5,  showers €3, pump-out, wifi, no services in village PK 21.1     Lock 9 (Gravière), l/b, weir

This page was last edited on 9 January 2019, at 02:54. PK 80.2     Lock 12 (Champfleury), r/b, weir, PK 78.6     Pont-sur-Yonne bridge, quay d/s l/b, village with all services 100m It is 292 kilometres (181 mi) long. … From its source in the Nièvre département at the foot of Mont Preneley, located in the Morvan heights west of Autun, to its confluence with the Seine at Montereau, the Yonne is 182 mi (293 km) long. The Yonne is a river in the northern half of France.It flows mainly through the western part of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, giving its name to the Yonne department and to several communes.It is the main left tributary of the Seine river.. Essential navigation guides, maps and books from publishers Breil, Fluviacarte and Imray. PK 56.0     Lock 7 (Étigny) with sloping sides, r/b, weir Draught – The maximum authorised draught is 1.80m. PK 15.6     End of Gurgy lock-cut, navigation re-enters Yonne PK 14.0     Lock 6 (Néron), bridge d/s

PK 93.8     Misy-sur-Yonne bridge, mooring d/s r/b, village 300m The river was named during the Roman Empire as Icauna, a Latin word that likely came from the Celtic name for the river. At Laroche-Migennes (PK 23), the Yonne connects with the Canal de Bourgogne. PK 97.6     Sand barge quays PK 66.8     Sens bridge, concrete quay with widely-spaced bollards d/s r/b, water, electricity, town centre, restaurants r/b 17.3 kilometres (10.7 mi) south-west of the mouth of, 28.4 kilometres (17.6 mi) south-west of the mouth of, 27.3 kilometres (17.0 mi) south of the mouth of the, 37.9 kilometres (23.5 mi) north-east of the mouth of, 86.4 kilometres (53.7 mi) south-east of the mouth of the, 83.8 kilometres (52.1 mi) south-west of downtown, 57.9 kilometres (36.0 mi) south of the village center of, 67.9 kilometres (42.2 mi) north of the village center of, 361.1 kilometres (224.4 mi) south-east of the mouth of the, This page was last edited on 22 August 2019, at 20:59.

The navigable river Yonne extends for 108 km (67 mi), from Auxerre (junction with the Canal du Nivernais) to the confluence with the Seine. PK 2.5     Lock 2 (Île Brûlée), l/b, weir [1] The river gives its name to the Yonne département. PK 17.0     Lock 8 (Bassou), r/b, weir

Supermarket nearby. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the. The northeastern part of PK 107.9     Montereau-Fault-Yonne bridge (Yonne), moorings for 22 boats, night €10, water €1.53, electricity €3, shower €1.50, slipway, town centre l/b PK 12.0     Bridge (Chaumes)

There are 9 locks on the river on the first section to Laroche-Migennes, the remaining 17 on the more gently-sloping lower course of the river. PK 68.0     Commercial quays r/b Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! It flows into the river Seine at Montereau-Fault-Yonne. PK 8.9     Motorway bridge (A6, Autoroute du Soleil) Upload media Wikipedia: Instance of: Wikimedia category: Authority control Q9645107. Terms, Conditions, ©Copyrightand Privacy Statement, Contact Address •  2 Michaels Court, Hanney Road, Southmoor, OX13 5HR, UK •  Port Lalande, 47260 Castelmoron-sur-Lot, France, Directory of canal boats available for self-drive hire in North/West Burgundy. The nine between Auxerre and Laroche-Migennes (junction with Canal de Bourgogne) are 93m long and 8.30m wide. Yonne River, Latin Icauna, river, north central France, a left-bank tributary of the Seine River. PK 32.7     Bridge (Épizy) and flood gate

PK 22.2     Bridge (Charmoy) PK 4.3     Lock 3 (Dumonts), l/b, weir PK 69.5     Lock 10 (Saint-Martin), r/b, weir Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). From the mouth of Lake Narcissus (the head lake), the Yvonne River flows over 32.3 kilometres (20.1 mi) according to the following segments: Upper course of the Yvonne River (segment of 13.3 kilometres (8.3 mi)), Lower River Yvonne (segment of 19.0 kilometres (11.8 mi)). Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. PK 15.4     Lock 7 (Raveuse), bridge d/s Its prefecture (capital) is Auxerre and its postcode number is 89. That's it. The Yonne flows through the following départements and towns: The main tributaries of the Yonne are the Vanne, the Armançon, the Serein and the Cure.
Population of Yonne. The course flows westward through the northern portion of Lake Waswanipi, Goéland Lake and Olga Lake, before pouring into the Matagami Lake which in turn flows into the Nottaway River, a tributary of Rupert Bay (James Bay). The navigable river Yonne extends for 108 km (67 mi), from Auxerre (junction with the Canal du Nivernais) to the confluence with the Seine. 80+ waterways – Key facts, km by km details, maps, navigation guides and PDF downloads. Explore by boat, barge or ship – what are the differences? This category has the following 27 subcategories, out of 27 total. Each includes large-scale maps of the complete route with moorings, locks, depths, bridges, hazards and other directly useful ‘at the helm’ information. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. The source code for the WIKI 2 extension is being checked by specialists of the Mozilla Foundation, Google, and Apple. Area of departement of Yonne is 7 427,35 km ². PK 17.9     Bassou bridge, village 400m l/b, Bonnard r/b, free mooring for 4 boats, showers at camp site €2.20 The river was historically used for flottage, or the floating of rafts of timber from the Morvan forest to serve the needs of the capital, Paris. Canal du Nivernais: LeBoat Trip on Yonne River and Canal Nivernais - See 85 traveler reviews, 133 candid photos, and great deals for Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, France, at Tripadvisor.

PK 22.7     Junction with Canal de Bourgogne, r/b PK 36.0     End of lock-cut, navigation re-enters Yonne

The Yvonne River empties onto the south shore of a bay stretching south of Surprise Lake (Roy River) from 5.6 kilometres (3.5 mi). PK 40.3     Lock 4 (Villevallier), r/b, weir …Montereau, where it receives the Yonne on its left bank. PK 22.4     Boatyard (Chantier Fluvial de Migennes) PK 3.2     Bridge (D606 Auxerre bypass) The first offers a headroom of 4.40m above normal water level, reduced to 4.20m above the highest navigable water level (over the navigable width of 8.30m). Comprehensive detailed navigational information, km by km, Sete west to Toulouse. PK 107.1     Skew road bridge (Pont Georges Pompidou), D605 The rest of the waterway forms part of the Bourgogne route, the shortest but most heavily locked of the three main routes across central France. PK 35.4     Lock 3 (Saint-Aubin) with sloping sides, bridge PK 71.0     Saint-Denis quay and village r/b The canalized Armançon joins it above Joigny, through which it flows before passing Sens and veering northwest to Montereau. Headroom – The lowest bridges are the Pont de la Tournelle in Auxerre and Courlon bridge (PK 87). PK 96.2     Lock 15 (Barbey), sloping sides, r/b, weir this lake is crossed by the Roy River which goes north-east to the south shore of Caopatina Lake which is crossed by the Opawica River. PK 44.9     Lock 5 (Armeau) with sloping sides, r/b, weir PK 87.0     Entrance to Courlon lock-cut, r/b

Omissions? PK 10.5     Entrance to Gurgy lock-cut, r/b Jamésie, in the administrative region of Nord-du-Québec, Quebec, Canada.

The Yvonne River originates at the mouth of Lake Narcissus (length: 1.6 kilometres (0.99 mi); elevation: 411 metres (1,348 ft)) in the Township of Marceau (at the southern limit of the township of Bressani and near the eastern limit of the township of L'Espinay), in Eeyou Istchee Baie-James (municipality).