included Scott McCready, an English wide receiver who played some preseason games for the New England Patriots, Constantin … nostalgia, paraphernalia, and generally just stuff to do with what was once the WLAF (World League Of American Football), and then eventually NFL Europa. The World League of Football (WLAF) was born in 1990 and initially consisted of 10 teams spread over Europe and North America. season games have a single period of overtime during which the first team to score wins the game. 8 January 1992. Lynn, the former general manager for the Minnesota Vikings, was confident there Check out these two tags from licensed WLAF snapback hats we dug up. Second annual World League Draft is held in Dallas. border-color: #000000; "We were making } border-color: #000000; .table_d2e541 { The league did this by awarding 4 points to field goals of more than 50 yards, as opposed to 3 points in the NFL. World League teams protect 26 players. border-color: #000000; The station, which came on the air on May 17, 1953, is currently owned by Stair Company, Inc. border: 1px solid; } The present (2016) studio was constructed in 1966. With It may not have lasted as long as we would have liked, but the WLAF was great whilst we had it. We have a bunch of deadstock WLAF gear from snapback hats to coach jackets. "I have been sequestered in NFL Ritzmann, a German defensive end who had played for the University of Tennessee, and Rob Hart, an English rugby player who Home League History The Collection Images Video Wanted For Sale About MacGille Contact Me Resources. border: 1px solid; .table_d2e142 { talent.". WLAF Yearly Leaders. They finished the regular season in first place with a record of seven wins and three losses, marking the first winning season in franchise history. Rather than have a host of meetings, player workouts and the inaugural draft spread over many months - as most other sports border: 1px solid; -->, WLAF/NFLE Presidents border-color: #000000; WLAF Cable Channel 12 broadcasts local news, religious programming, local sports, and a yearly Christmas parade. coach Mike Gottfried) and a common playbook for Defense (put together by former Denver Broncos coach Joe Collier). became a placekicker; he kicked barefoot. If neither team scores, League's chief operating officer, said: "Decisions which were made during that time period will have a significant impact This is the year the WLAF dropped its North America constituency entirely, and introduced more European teams like the Rhein Fire of Amsterdam. Among the notable national players League president Mike Lynn also made his first state of the World League address } Click on the year below to learn about that year in WLAF History,