Open World has zero issues. Okay @Warcraft #Warcraft Is anyone else having issues moving their characters up and down the screen? @BlizzardCS @WarcraftDevs. After DDoS Attack, Anyone else relates ?

@FungulusP @EnCasaYesiriri And for Bob, finding dolls for little girls is good enough. Where you are just a little figure, trying to find your way? Just a heads up.

Ie tank+healer+3dps (which left any idea of hybrids up in the wind) and after players had tested and theorycrafted and guessed until they found a way to make broken mechanics work. If the token won’t be used the person will get bored quite fast. The sorting of characters in the character selection screen is still broken when you try to navigate it with your mouse. Like Paladins… buff and flash heal bots…, Effort.

The implementation of that system in the mission table was the problem with garrisons, since it ate all the other content.

@Warcraft unable to log in, getting errors: It became a joke in retail. Have you no corporate dignity? It’s doing the same, just less refined and with a (for now) definite end point.

Anyone who has login problems on EU servers of #worldofwarcraft #Shadowlands, in particular black screen on character list, try to refresh and update your addons! WOW51900123

Currently streams: Escape from Tarkov, World of Warcraft, Apex Legends…, @FatKidWithFork #worldofwarcraft - Broken. Pretty Bad for a Company, even small Indie Companies can do better xD. It isnt an extension of the world. The ones who sell Raid-boosts. But it’s absolutely separate style of cartoon from retail. One has simple systems and the other COMPLICATED ones. For me the lighting effects and music in Classic surpass those of Retail.

I do however miss terribly Arcane Explosion, Blizzard and Cone Of Cold across all Mage specs. @BlizzardCS Yall have an issue with logging into World of Warcraft.

Tried with different healers/tanks at different levels and it's just not working.

Unfortunately for me the gameplay, where everything is rushed through at light speed, with timers and other players forcing it, ruins it totally for me. @BlizzardCSEU_EN @Warcraft @Blizzard_Ent your WoW servers are down again, it disconnects me each time i try to log in —i thought after the second time you’d fixed this already?

@HamletEJ @WatcherDev. @BlizzardCS Hey there!

incompetent designers are sabotaging #warcraft #shadowlands.

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@JHESS38 @Warcraft Servers down, down.

#WorldOfWarcraft Login servers are down.

What is happening? @BlizzardCS I’m trying to log in right now to world of Warcraft and it keeps saying you have been disconnecting me immediately after it gets to logging into server” all of a sudden- I also see login servers are full or getting full is there an issue happening atm? Says theres a queue then boots me to the login , @BlizzardCSEU_EN @Warcraft @Blizzard_Ent your WoW servers are down again, it disconnects me each time i try to log in —i thought after the second time you’d fixed this already?

The problems with #WorldofWarcraft are always at Blizzard's door.

Ie, “another boss that forces a taunt rotation so both tanks have something to do”.

Went to check the forums about the issues and it says I have no active game time and the login Is down :( #worldofwarcraft, @WinstonLavitiz

Can you advise here. @BlizzardCS trying to log into world of Warcraft right now and I get a log in que, and then an immediate disconnection from server when it’s my turn in the que? I have a problem with World of Warcraft World of Warcraft problems last 24 hours Thanks for submitting a report!

Servers down.

The only way that works out is voice chat.

@NicholeRoughton @Warcraft @Blizzard_Ent Hey idk who to ping for this or if you can help - some huge group of horde has decided to congeal in Stormwind, apparently with the intent to try and crash the server? Please fix :( @WarcraftDevs @Warcraft.

What is wrong with Retail?-Heirlooms ruin the lower lvl dungeons and the lvling experience-Flying mounts remove world interactions-Removal of talent trees for a much less interesting system-QOL “improvements” removes allot of gameplay and immersion-Personalised loot(is boring)-Too much good loot and rewards(you get bombarded with stuff) I can imagine a weary group of travellers, finally climbing the steps to the final bosses, to the sound of soaring music. And when you have to hit an ability every second, you can forget about chatting, even if you’d love to do it.

Any @Warcraft players experiencing issues with world quests not tracking properly? There is no character progression in early Retail, no gear progression as all quest rewards give same amount of stats or even weaker than you wear. That’s how desert looks like. Rng rng rng gearing. World of Warcraft is still a good Game.

I seem to be getting latency spikes in @Warcraft retail, and only in dungeons. @Natinha01 @Warcraft_PTBR Servers down, down. @TifaLee02 Graphics? I’d advise you to actually read the quests. @wasaburashi @Warcraft Garrisons weren't player housing.

Well, another evening trashed thanks to server issues on @Warcraft I really should unsub until this mess is fixed. If its a known issue, why not post something on the website!?

@DiabolusEsports @WatcherDev @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs Hi so one of my alts never got around to start the 8.3 campaign and the quest an unwelcome advisor (alliance) is not working due to mawsworn having captured the boi king :I is this supposed to happen or inc fix? @luvhchan We want classic because the current game doesn’t do it for us and many of us are actually quite sad about it. The problems with #WorldofWarcraft are always at Blizzard's door.

Noooo. @BlizzardCS @WarcraftDevs. Also people are out and about in the world doing things its just a better game, retail has gone to far down the wrong path and away from what wow should be imo Ouuipi-kazzak 2019-10-01 07:38:30 UTC #80 @BlizzardCS I’m having issues with logging in. Facebook I can't log in without instantly disconnecting.

@warcraft #WorldOfWarcraft @Blizzardcs, @merlinsg1207

Kicks me out to the login screen.

In retail I afk LFR and tag world quest mobs for loot, no effort.

@IMissClicked @Warcraft Server down, down.

#Warcraft, Wow servers down

Interesting. Merge realms if needed (low pop only) but remove cross realm functionality, if you want to be a retard and jerk, go ahead, but all server will know you for it.

Weird concept, I know. @Warcraft. It is self contained and requires its own advancement which if you fall behind on, you may as well just wait until next ‘season’, a concept introduced to handle PvP gear keeping pace with PvE gear and which now encompasses everything.

Warcraft is taking up 3k mb's on my computer.

Doing professions isn't working either.

I doubt anyone actually thought that was OP. Stuck at login screen on live and beta. I’ll just pretend that nothing happened after Classic.