We also have Champ the Lake Champlain "Monster" and one of the highest reported levels of "Sasquatch" sightings (some just up the road from me!) They were probably cicada killers. I went to bed that night feeling secure in the knowledge that I had done a really thorough search and seal of gaps on the outside of my house.

Those things are just not going to be enough to put off a mouse family if otherwise your house is like the mouse Ritz, y'know? Ground digger wasps are widespread across North America, especially in areas east of the Rocky Mountains. If this is the case, the species may be a communally nesting ground wasp, like a yellow jacket.

I've watched that kind of a flurry of activity from mud daubers and potter wasps many a time. It’s 35 yrs old.

Here is what you should do if you are attacked by an angry swarm. Many stung my elderly mom last year when she was weeding around a tree.

Other wise it is pretty wild around here. A bit lower on the Hudson after a fierce hurricane back in the late 70's we had a sturgeon wash up at our dock that was well over 12 FEET long--no one thought THOSE were there either!

does anybody raise Hickory Horned Devils in South Carolina. Or if you even begin to think about finding, destroying them do so at night when they are most inactive. Paul. Find someone who'll just give you some stuff from cleaning the cage. It took days to get the mesh applied everywhere I could find a gap.

They got very infected and she had to go to vet and have them cared for (too gross to go any further) and on antibiotics.

Stephen Cockroft was stung 42 times after accidentally disturbing a wasps' nest in his back garden. I'm seeing a lot of wasps swarming along the ground in unmanicured parts of my yardThey look sorta like yellow jackets, but not quite (their wings are darker, their stripes aren't very yellow). These tracts are in some cases larger than actual States. I assumed it was a squirrel getting in and out.

If this is what you have, you can just leave them alone to hunt cicadas (in fact, they are probably gone by now).

Know the signs of ground digger wasps infesting your lawn or garden space.

When wasps swarm, the situation can be dangerous because wasps are stinging insects that become aggressive very quickly. Probably not yellowjackets which are colonial in a single nest with a single entrance hole and are aggressive. Wow, you guys answered! Ground wasps have a paralytic poison, and once a victim has sustained dozens of stings, its body goes limp. Since the Hudson is tidal as far North as Albany odd stuff ends up here often. No one knows WHY it did this! caroliniannjer.

You might even need an exterminator to check it out and destroy.

!---one of the worlds largest concentrations of timber rattlesnakes.

Those are basically a rarer form of yellow jacket. We had trouble with them last season, but we haven't seen an actual nest out back this season.

In my area, they are around for probably 6 weeks and peak for about 3 weeks. Reproduction. I kept hearing scratching noises in my ceiling at night, and especially in the hour or so before dawn.

So I tried that (put it out in plastic tubs with no lid like you get with yogurt and that sort of thing) and lo and behold, the mice vanished. Watch the wasp’s behavior. At the base of the mound of granular dirt will be a finger-sized hole with a "path" of dirt leading out from it. There were to many holes to even try to fill them all. I left it there for over a week, just to make sure all of them had left, and then went around with spray foam and filled in any gaps I could find.

Only the bait didn't work either. No mistaking them from one another. Are they thinking of setting up housekeeping in my dirt,is that what's going on?

Doesn't have to be stinky to us - rodents have better senses of smell.) There are many types and are interesting to watch-even close-up. Cicada Killers are extremely large, from 1 to 2 inches!

Happened to get pet rats, and someone told me to put the used litter from their litter tray (in the cage) around the house in places we knew the mice were. Some ground wasps swarm for food in a similar fashion. ---but no sacred ones that I know of! A few years ago we had a Harbor Seal decide to go swim-about and came up to the docks in Albany--we were lucky enough to see it before it wandered off and turned up in Boston Harbor. There were about 40 of them.