The justices have ordered the parties in the so-called McCleary case to appear before them to answer a set of questions such as:

I think about the protests across America that my daughters have seen on TV. The justices have ordered the parties in the so-called McCleary case to appear before them to answer a set of questions such as: The answers will help the high court decide whether the legislature has satisfied a court order to come up with a “complete plan” to achieve full funding by 2018.

The start date for K-12 schools was pushed back to Sept. 8. Justice also announced slightly less than $4.2 million in federal CARES Act money will go to volunteer fire departments. Jim Justice expressed hesitancy over reopening colleges. Face masks are mandatory inside public buildings in which social distancing is not possible, including churches.

I think about the shameful example Trump has set for our kids. We must combat the climate crisis by rejoining the Paris Accords and investing in clean energy jobs right here in Pennsylvania. "[C]ontempt is the means by which a court enforces compliance with its lawful orders when they are not followed," reads the five-page order signed by Chief Justice Barbara Madsen. In the 2015-16 school year, Black boys made up 8 percent of public school enrollment, but they were 25 percent of the boys suspended out of school. I’m the only Democrat on the Ivyland Council. Now the chief justice of the Supreme Court is offering her perspective. European allies must improve their partnership with the United States to counter growing threats from Russia and China, according to senior German leaders. For instance, the legislature has pledged to act next year to end the reliance on local taxes to fund schools. “And I want those kids back in school, and I know that the kids want to be back in school, and I know that everybody wants them to be back in school. What remains to be done to fully fund public schools. Trump has isolated us from our allies, pandered to dictators, and referred to the men and women who risk their lives serving America as “losers.” We need to rebuild alliances and re-establish America as a trusted leader. I think about their great-grandfather, a World War II veteran who served overseas. Monongalia County, home to West Virginia University, was one of the primary causes of the spike, but its active case numbers are trending downward. Trump puts himself and his billionaire friends ahead of hardworking families. Black girls were 8 percent of enrollment but 14 percent of the girls suspended out of school. The ongoing fight over school funding in Washington state is heading back to court. While the campaign trail has changed, what hasn’t changed are the reasons I’m running for Congress. The state is currently racking up a $100,000 per day fine for failing to previously satisfy the Washington Supreme Court.