"Waipiʻo" means "curved water" in the Hawaiian language.[1]. It is often referred to as the Valley of Kings due to the royal heritage from the area and the importance to Hawaiian culture as an early capitol. Editor’s note: This post was originally published on August 4, 2019 and updated on February 19, 2020. [5] At the upper end of the valley, Waimanu Gap at 2,089 feet (637 m) elevation leads to the south end of Waimanu Valley. Be aware though that the ocean currents can be strong so do not go into the water too deep. Wear sturdy. Visit the Waipio Valley – What You Need to Know. There are people living in Waipi’o Valley. Alternatively, the Waipio Valley Shuttle is the original 4-wheel drive tour of “the land of curving water” and is a mesmerizing and intimate look at the valley. If you feel like stretching your legs you can try either of the following two hikes: You can see these waterfalls already from the access road down  into the valley but the best view can be gotten from the Muliwai trail described above as hike #2. We recommend booking Waipi'o Valley tours ahead of time to secure your spot. Plenty of calories burned to enjoy a fresh hot malasada afterwards at Tex Drive-In located a short drive down the road in Honokaa. The Kaluahine falls are visible towards to east from the black sand beach on the bottom of Waipi’o valley. The true beauty is to walk down into the valley. See all. It is an area you should not miss seeing. We hiked about half way to Waimanu and that was tiring but worth it. Are you ready to hike Waipi’o Valley?

Fortunately there are enough people with this issue to sustain a lively business of Waipi’o Valley tours that take people down to the valley floor. Even though we had a 4 wheel drive, we were glad we did not take our Jeep down as the road is very rutted. A fertile and productive region, the valley is a paradise of lush tropical vegetation and taro fields.
This long, winding service road is the main road to hike down into Waipio Valley. If you are very lucky (or unlucky, that depends on how much you mind the rain) you can see the Kaluahine Falls on your right hand (east) side once you get to the beach.

Waipi’o valley was home to old Hawaiian kings and once upon a time was densely populated. Walk back along the beach and prepare for a tricky trek along boulders battered by the waves and a constant spray of salty water. Travel up Mauna Kea for a small-group sunset and stargazing tour by luxury 4WD van. The Valley of the Kings is a stunning place, brimming with history and Hawaiian cultural significance.

After that is mostly dense rain forest with incredible tall trees and several pretty waterfalls and streams. The easternmost and largest of the seven windward valleys of Kohala Mountain, Waipi’o is the "Valley of the Kings."

After the steep descent on Waipio Valley Road, right at the bottom you will arrive at a fork which turns into a dirt / gravel road — bear right if you want to head to the black sand beach you saw from the lookout point at the start of the trail. 73 Helpful votes 5 Reposts.

On the steepest part, it rises 800 ft in only 0.6 miles.