In case by any reason you cancel the plan to travel out side kingdom you must cancel the exit re-entry visa. As Saudi Arabia is Second-tier Country Like UAE, Dubai, Qatar, China, Russia So this reason that Visa Process is different if you have a 3rd tier country passport. With the help of this system, you can apply for the visa online. These days there are many issues related to Visa validity in KSA. To check the status of your family visa or application you can visit the following website of the ministry of foreign affairs. Check your visa expiry date and conditions You can check your visa expiry date and visa conditions in VEVO, the myVEVO app or your visa … This helps to reduce the crowed in driving schools and physical contact. The number of iqamas is used for different things like to check iqama Meghna & Query iqama expiry. currently you can apply only for visit visa with help of this system but in future Govt is thinking to make all the process online so that people can easily avail any kind of visa from the comfort of their home. If you can to check the status of visa which Mofa has issued you can select the first option.

Step 2: After creating Moi or Absher account simply login to Your account. the process of visa checking for Muqeem is also the same as we have explained above. Because they have changed online portals. you can click on view button and see the validity and expiry dates of your visa. This is like a credit card shape. For getting iqama, fill some form and submit to the department. So Now you need to register on Absher to check Validity and expiry dates of Visit, Exit re-entry, Mofa visa or Muqeem status. Permanent residents.

This is the simple and easy way to check your Muqeem visa validity service or check it by clicking on the check button. It also looks like the credit card or Master card. If you want to check then follow these steps which are given below.

The fee for 5 and 6 months exit re-entry visa is 500 and 600 riyals, respectively.The maximum duration of the exit re-entry visa is 6 months. So change language like the English, Urdu and then easily see all options and easy check your iqama. I hope this should be the case for exit-reentry visa (auto extension). check Iqama expiry date or validity status online with Wazarat Amal or Absher. In the social media there are lot of news that ER visa will be extended automatically or some cases will be done by sponsor. Inshallah we can hope for this good news. Step 1: The first step is to create an account on the Moi portal means to say Moi official site.

I will highly recommend to install and use this app if you are an Expat. If you are planning a vacation of 4 months, then the charges will be 400 riyals. you can read it here. You don’t need to visit any office etc. They only want to keep beneficial people in their country. Check your Iqama Expiry Status now. Enter your iqama number and verify image captcha code and click to check status. As there is a big number of Expats living in Saudi Arabia. We will explain everything step by step so don’t worry and follow this guide. Here you can see 4 fields. In the second field, you need to write your name or date of birth or expiry date of the above-given visa or iqama number. For a 2-month duration visa, the fee is 200 Saudi Riyals.For a 3 months duration, the cost is 300 riyals. Your Exit Re-Entry Visa will be active from the date it is issued. Basically the Muqeem or iqama is a special Permit letter that allows you to live in Saudi Arabia and work for a job. You need to apply through Mofa if you want to invite your family members in Saudi Arabia.

For a 3 months duration, the cost is 300 riyals. But Saudi Govt cannot control this much people so they have a clear policy on it. So you can also need to use the official old name or new name.