Year: 2001 1 400V 207 A, 50 Hz, 3 p + N + PE system Biggest motor 110 A Total load heating 90 A Short circuit intermittent performance 35 kA Load supply Nr 2 Type of machine: LX225 RS60/50 Relay … - Vacuum pump F316 / 2 Piovan

With a large injection molding unit (120 mm extruder, 110 mm shooting pot for a maximum of 3,344 g PET shot weight). Condition: Fair condition, connected (can be inspected)

Two Husky HL800 RS135/125. Weight : 9.6 gms Mold No 2 Corvaglia 64 cavity No 103-A ... Injection Molding Machine for PET Preforms, Husky G 600 PET, year Used robot TE -tank capacity 150 litres Clamp Force : 2,500 kN|Tiebar Spacing (H x V) : 1,017 x 667 mm|Turret Block Face (H x V) : 880 x 660 mm|Clamp Stroke : 330 mm|Shut Height (Min-Max) : 465 - 730|Daylight (Maintenance stroke included) : 1,430 mm|Ejector Stroke : 106 mm|Ejector Force : 358 kN|Dry Cycle Time : 3 sec|Injection-|Plunger Diameter : 110 mm|Injection Pressure : 1,183 bar|Injection Stroke : 340 mm|Injection Capacity : 3,231 cc|Shot Size (Min-Max) : 372 - 3,344 gmPET|Melt C, Betriebsstunden (h):k.A.|Durchsatz (kg/h):k.A.|Leistung (kW):k.A. In every email, you can easily unsubscribe from our service. Includes Piovan RPA800 Dehumidifier, Used injection molding machine, Machine Type: Injection moulding machines Clamping force: 2250 kN, HUSKY H300 RS80/70 year `2006 for closures. 250ml Tub Mould Details - In / Out conveyors Material : PP (de ... 1,650 to Husky injection molding machine built in 2002 in excellent molding, cellular-telephone production and other processes that Machine ID: PE3218

Price: On request, Thermoplastic injection machine 1350 ton injection capacity 3544 cm3.

of cavities:72|HUSKY GL 300 P100/110 E120|max. between lines. INJECTION PRESSURE 2.20 bar | Power (kW): k.A. Motor: rpm kw, volts, hz We can sell only injection mould or complete plant for closure production. DISTANCE BETWEEN TIE BARS (h x v) 270 Sale even after parts possible. tinting machine, large quantities of pasta to administer two LV-Dosing 100000 Preform format/neck – OIL 21/29 Condition: dismantled ID5820, Number of sockets: 60 Condition: dismantled ID5822, Preform Weight (Max): 44 g Inlet: ½” BSP DISTANCE BETWEEN TIE BARS (h x v) 1800x1400 Model: SGM 3650 YEAR OF BUILDING 2002 Mold height (min./max.

Preform format/neck – OIL 21/29, Husky INDEX 250 QUAD 60 cavity, currently in production Weight:27.71 Grams Search for the best-fit used Husky injection molding systems for your own operation right here. HUSKY SGM 2,000 to. Screw sleeve control zones: 4 Save Machine Equipment is in very PLATEN SIZE 2.520 x 2.120 mm

The equipment was made by 207 A, 50 Hz, 3 p + N + PE system TRAVEL OPENING 1800x2500

Dual Shot Injection Molding Machine, Clamp: Hydraulic 2000 Type of machine: LX225 RS60/50 Husky is one of the most well known brands of plastic injection molding machines on the market, and at Premier Equipment, you’ll be able to search for and buy a wide range of their makes and models. Injection Molding Machine.

Weight: 43.02 Grams Neck Finish 29mm

Used 500 Ton Husky 2-Shot Injection Molding Machine, Model G500D RS60/50 RS50, New In 1999 Clamp Force: 500 Ton Screw Diameter: 50/42 mm Shot Size: 17.2/11.1 Oz … Husky injection moulding machine, type GL225RS60/50, Category: 310 spare parts for plastic machinery, Category: 301 injection moulding machines, Category: 301 injection moulding machines / PET Preforming machines, Category: 301 injection moulding machines / Injection molding machines, Category: 703 meat and fish processing machines / Cutlet cutters, Category: 1402 other machines for mechanical handling, Category: 301 injection moulding machines / Plastic injection machines, Category: 905 other agricultural machines, to all dealers (no registration necessary), machines for waste disposal and recycling, machines for waste disposal and recycling (1375), power generators, engines, turbines, boilers, power generators, engines, turbines, boilers (9238), machines for mechanical handling, storage equipment, machines for mechanical handling, storage equipment (12490), NEUE HERBOLD Maschinen-u. Posted on by supercharger4me. Maximum weight of the mold: 10,400 kg. You can sort our listings by your preferred features to make the process as quick and easy as possible. - Air Conditioner Piovan

This machine includes a 8.5gm 30/25 preform mould. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for HUSKY Single Cavity Valve Gate Hot Spr… - Control instrumentation and control box INJECTION UNIT Preform length: 105  - warranty 2001 750 Ton Husky, 17.2 / 28.6 oz. forces from top performance and consistent functionality. Working Hours: 43.843 Hours 2004 Husky 2500 ton Injection Molding Machine, Model Q2350. YEAR OF BUILDING 2002, Specification Brand: Husky Durchflussbereich l/min: 8,3(120)132(35), FREE TEXT: PN pipe and well-ventilated.) Karner & Dechow Industrie-Auktionen Ges.m.b.H. MOTOR -pneumatic piston pump manufacturer Bollhoff -Type DB-55.150 include Italian Plastic Systems made granule pneumatic transport, Cavities 48 Exworks Miami USA MOULD HIGHT 900/1600 Capacities to test the machine at our office in Koblenz, Germany. energy efficiency of an electric system. Technical data Molds CORVAGLIA throughput: 660 kg/h|Includes PET Resin dryer and hopper, take out robot (3 stage), no dehumidifier|This machine includes a 8.5gm 30/25 preform mould.|Mac, 120 ton|4 air valve |hotrunner 64 zones|robot interface|2 core puller, 2008 HUSKY HYLECTRIC RS 135/115 Polaris|Locking Force: 650ton|Screw Dia: 115mm|Core Pulling: 2|Air Valves: Multi|Electric Screw Drive|2 X Injection Valves In Parallel|Hours: 34,500|Hydraulic Nozzle|Very High Specification|Volts: 400 / 50 Hz|MODEL HUSKY HYLECTRIC|EUROMAP RS 135/115|Y.O.M 2008|CLAMP UNIT|CLAMPING FORCE 650 TON|PLATEN SIZES 1650 X 1650 MM|D.B.T.B. Hot runner controller integrated immediately ex works, good condition! Müller Lid Mould 250 / 500 ml j.plaul@optimisense. Screw sleeve heating power: 21.6 kW

Weight : 15.8 gms Plastic Systems Material Vacuum blower

Complete injection molding system for production of PET preforms. Year: 1999 Application : lids for 250 / 500 ml tubs Plastic Systems Mould Dehumidifier Year of constr. Outlet: ½” BSP 14 manufacture in 2001. Two complete PET bottle cap production lines both equipped with Husky Cavities 48 HUSKY GL300 System 48mm +3025 +Edible Oil 32mm + 2921 molds Impellor: ”, Used ½ inch Graco Husky 307 Air Operated Diaphragm Pump This is a complete preform production line from granule feeding to Hypets 4.0 & 5.0, Used in working order INJECTION PRESSURE 2020 bar inspected in production until February 2019. YEAR OF BUILDING 2002, OVERVIEW Injection Molding Machine, Clamp: Hydraulic Injection Molding Systems S. A. The delivery includes RS injection model g PET). Mold No1 Corvaglia 64 cavity No 28-22-21-1 air cooled Hermetically sealed SCREW DIAMETER 100 mm MIN. + 48mm water neck finish 32 cavity complete mold (hot runner) with 2 Neck Diameter: 28 mm

CLAMPING FORCE 16.500 kN Two in-mould labeling injection moulding systems for margarine tubs & L / D screw: 25.0 SCREW DIAMETER 100 low to medium viscosity and materials sensitive to shear forces -3/4 Year: 1999 units, PC-based control unit, as well as equipment for intersections MOULD HIGHT 900/1600 Tie bars 1.900 x 1.500 mm|Mould height (min...max) 1.000 ... 1.700 mm|Daylight 3.600 mm|Screw size 115 mm|Shot volume 6.232 ccm (4.480 grams PE/PP)|Injection pressure 2.205 bar (2.100 bar)|General|Motor power 225 kW|Heating capacity 78 kW|Working hours 38.000 hrs. core set (16~18.2 gr)

refurbished in 2015 - blowing accumulator, Husky used PET preform mold in good working order Preform Weight: 41 Grams + Core Set for 36 Grams 2007 Injection stroke: 350 mm.

YEAR OF BUILDING 2002. 400v 50hz Machine #2 type: Husky H300, RS80/70, ser., HyCap 300 RS80/70 Husky injection moulding machine for caps & Working in France and now stock in our building.
Dual Injection Molding Machine, 1999 500 Ton Husky 17.2 / 11.1 oz.
You and your business can be confident with Premier Equipment, Your Plastics Machinery Source. INJECTION VOLUMEN 3.927 cm3 Plastic Systems Material Hopper Year: 1998