are designed just to play the treble clef. Treble jig, an Irish dance. Some other way could just be described as a waste of time. In this internet age, it seems so arbitrary and confusing that what I call a ‘single crochet’ stitch is known as a ‘double crochet’ stitch in the UK and Australia (and similarly for almost every other crochet stitch). . Treble is the highest part of music. In baseball, a triple is a three-base hit. In RDF a triple is a subject-predicate-object expression. On occasion, however, as in CAL. Treble response, the high frequency portion of an audio system's frequency response. Please note that I can only answer questions related to PlanetJune patterns and tutorials (see details), and I can only respond to questions or comments written in English. This is one of those occasions when I really wish there were universal crochet standards! The Treble in football).

The triple treble crochet stitch, sometimes called the treble treble, is abbreviated TrTr. With all the votes counted (37 total), my results were 22 votes for triple vs 15 for treble.From what I can tell, UK folks say treble, and everyone else seemed split between the two options.

My initial guess was that ‘treble’ was the UK name, and ‘triple’ the US name, but my go-to site for these questions, (a US site) states that tr is the abbreviation for treble crochet, so that can’t be right…. I tweeted: and within seconds the replies started flooding in (here’s a sample): Thank you to everyone who responded! Treble damages, a legal term indicating triple damages as a penalty. I know that some people call it a triple crochet stitch, and others call it a treble crochet stitch, but I haven’t seen any clear differentiation for why or when you should use one or the other.

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Treble is also the name of a character in the Mega Man video game series; see Bass (Mega Man).

As you may have already guessed from the terminology, the main disparity between these two versions is simply the number of panes which are added. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment here! What is the difference between "Triple" and... ... the difference between Triple and Treble? Double-glazed windows contain two panes of glass while triple-glazed units are … Hi June wonder if it is to do with British crochet terms as we have a triple treble stitch which is actually your double treble so unless it is a way here to distinguish and type of short hand way of writing it. I only respond to questions here on the blog, so please return to this page to see my reply, or check the box below to subscribe to new comments by email. What is the difference between "by yourself" and "on your own". In United States law, treble damages is a term that indicates that a statute permits a court to triple the amount of the actual/compensatory damages to be awarded to a prevailing plaintiff.Treble damages are a multiple of, and not an addition to, actual damages in some instances. Treble is used predominately in English darts--------triple is the USA version----essentially no difference--depends where you are.

What is a person who likes things done a certain way called? With all the votes counted (37 total), my results were 22 votes for triple vs 15 for treble. I think, if say you were to have 3 shots of vodka and coke... you would ask for a triple, if you were throwing darts and needed 60, you could throw a treble 20.

Triple quotes (both varieties, """ and ''' are permitted) allow the string to contain line breaks. Treble in sport describes the achievement of winning three trophies in one season (e.g. Thank you to everyone who responded! So, should you use triple crochet or treble crochet in your crochet patterns? In athletics, triple jump is kind of a three-steps-long jump. Thank you :) - June. Melodies are written in treble clef, and some instruments (flute, piccolo, trumpet, etc.) CODE § 1719, they are additive. Hope this helps, take care xxx.

The triple crochet stitch is not used often in crochet, although it is a widely known stitch. Time to turn to Twitter to poll my network of crocheting friends! By Tuckstar Asked Your email address will not be published. Treble Cone, a mountain and ski resort in New Zealand.

Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing at a Glance.

– The Pros & Cons. What do you think of the answers? It is used when you really want long crochet stitches, and it looks especially great when worked in bulky yarn to create warm but openwork scarves and blankets. Trebles are on a dart board, triples are from behind the bar. Yesterday I had a thought about the “tr” abbreviation in crochet. CIV. Still have questions?

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Not much I don't think as they both mean 3. The Treble in football). According to triple and ... What is the difference between "Triple" and "Treble"? If the double treble just isn’t enough for you or your pattern, triple treble (trtr) stitches give you even more height.. To make a a trtr: yo (yarn over) 4 times, insert hook into next st, yo, pull up a loop, (yo, pull through two loops) 5 times. All content copyright © 2006- triple:A triple is a sequence of three elements. A triple is a joke consisting of three statements, In music triple refers to triple meter and triplets.

Advantages of Triple Glazing

Double Glazing Vs Triple Glazing? Are the following sentences grammatically correct?

Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Treble is used, most often by the British, to refer to a boy singer whose voice has not yet changed. If you're still struggling to improve you are straight and you're hoping to get your hands over the side, put Vert Shock to the test, an application you will think it is here  and give it a take to, you will be astonished of how quickly you can become a creature hopper in the event that you train the proper way. See Boy soprano. You can send me money in seconds at or send me a donation through my shop. Treble in sport describes the achievement of winning three trophies in one season (e.g. 2020 June Gilbank, previous post: Cactus Collection crochet patterns. It’s easily demonstrating a big difference from single to double glazing, but not such a big gain with double glazing Vs Triple Glazed Windows. Here’s the visual breakdown.
Treble damages, a legal term indicating triple damages as a penalty. What is the meaning behind your username ? How to Crochet: Understanding Crochet Gauge and How to Measure It, Third Loop Half Double Crochet (Video Tutorial), How to Crochet the Double Crochet (Video Tutorial), How to Size Crochet Beanies + Master Beanie Pattern, How to Crochet the Invisible Decrease for Amigurimi Crochet, How to Crochet the Moss Stitch (Written and Video Tutorial).

Filed under Crochet. Treble is a doublet of "triple" or "threefold"and is used in several contexts: As a term applied in music to the high or acute part of the musical system; A treble-cut filter attenuates high frequencies while passing low frequencies. Treble in Trouble, a record by the band Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. I’ve decided I’m going to cast my vote in the triple camp, but write triple (treble) crochet in my patterns, to avoid confusion.

Treble Cone, a mountain and ski resort in New Zealand. In bowling, three strikes in a row, also known as a turkey. a presidential act is an act that is suitable from a president, what is the word for other jobs ? A double glazed window 16 degrees, and triple glazing gave a reading of 18 degrees (

Apparently, unless you’re writing in US/Aus crochet terminology, the choice is yours! I read and appreciate every comment. How does the word “love” differ in its use of term around the world? In Professinal Wrestling, Paul Levesque is known as Triple H. Triple means 3 of something (i.e.
So us Brits can tell which stitch for definate it is lol. A hat-trick is associated with succeeding at anything three times in three consecutive attempts. triplets = 3 identical humans...triple the recipe means that you'll end up with 3 times the amount of the product). triple:A triple … In figure skating, a triple jump is a jump with three revolutions. This system will not cause you to jump tens and thousands of situations since Vert Shock was made and used by actual elite level basketball players. @ThingsBright said that vintage US patterns use treble, and the new US convention is triple – which sounds right to me (although hasn’t made the change to triple). For example in soccer scoring three goals in one game. These are commonly used for docstrings (and other multi-line comments, including "commenting out" code) and for embedded snippets of other computer languages such as HTML and SQL. From what I can tell, UK folks say treble, and everyone else seemed split between the two options. Get answers by asking now. Treble (girl group), a 3 piece girl group from the Netherlands. The triple crochet (also known as the treble crochet) is similar to the double crochet, except with an extra addition: an extra yarn over at the beginning of the stitch and an extra pull through two loops at the end.