Keith Urban, singer, songwriter, musician; "Golden Road" (2002) named biggest country hit of the decade 2000–2010 by Billboard magazine. The Huntington Beach, California based Aero Telemetry constructed 11 model airplanes. But this explanation is not particularly plausible.

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He was never idle and was always involved with multiple projects. The Aviator, which was released on Christmas Day was both a box-office smash and praised by critics. Now follow your favourite television celebs and telly updates. Hughes had made movies before, and he was an established producer, and one of his productions had even won an Academy Award. It folds down flat so it can be tossed into the bag and taken to the coffee shop or co-working spot, where it often generates an admiring comment or three. The movie was directed by Martin Scorsese and scripted by serial academy award nominee John Logan. The recognised time currently stands at an utterly swift 67 minutes, 54 seconds – via the US military superplane that was the SR-71 Blackbird. DiCaprio read each draft and talked with Logan about history and read Senate transcripts of the Hughes trials.

Let’s get her!’ I had Leonardo DiCaprio tell me the whole story in Martin Scorsese’s voice, so it was pretty bizarre.” Stefani portrayed Jean Harlow; it was her first film role. Today marks the 80th anniversary of his setting of a cross-America air speed record – and there are plenty of other factual titbits about this curious figure which still manage to intrigue... 1.

It was beaten within two years.

Hughes was fascinated by all things technical, an interest he shared with his father. Hughes spent much of his final decade in Las Vegas.

Faultfinders will relish jewels like the following: The 93rd Pursuit Squadron was the first American unit to enter combat in World War I; all the Fokkers Rickenbacker saw were “tri-wings”; Lindbergh stepped “out onto the wing” of his Spirit of St. Louis in Paris; Willy Messerschmitt told Adolf Hitler that the Me-262 could have been produced in 1938; and Charles “Lavine” owned Clarence Chamberlain’s famous Bellanca.

Aside from his dating of actresses such as Ava Gardner and Katharine Hepburn, Hughes is most famous for the “Spruce Goose” – the enormous aircraft, officially named the Hughes H-4 Hercules – which made but a single and infamous flight, on November 2 1947.