(, A karaoke version is available for purchase from, You could order the 4-track single elsewhere for $4. It has a pretty sick guitar riff going on. The notes for it on the right hand are A, D, F#, G, D, F# (it repeats that for the whole song) while the left hand plays octaves on D, F, G and A (in that order).

Soundtrack Credits . (. It's like an army drill and it sounds cool!! (And she’s not just your gymnasium-variety rebel either; she abandoned her U.S. teammates in the middle of a World Championship meet two years previous.) (, The song is "Buttahara" by Mike Simpson. (, "Our Lawyer Made Us Change This Song So We Don't Get Sued" from Fall Out Boy. Some former teammates rebuff her, but her efforts eventually bear fruit.

Come Baby Come - K7 (Wei Wei's beam routine) 43.

Google "mike simpson composer" and you'll get his new site; click on the movie poster for "Stick It" and you'll find a list of songs--including the song played during the championships--including "Halen." What's the instrumental guitart music playing in the background when Hailey goes with her friends to the championships? I downloaded the three versions that play in the movie, and I'm currently notating it on a program. (, If your talking about the one where the commentators say that she threw a quad twist that is "Halen" by Mike Simpson (, I heard this amazing instrumental song in the movie in in the scene where the main chick is about to do her last freestyle acrobatics and the coach calls her to say that he is proud of her. Fish Jam - Mike Simpson (Scratch if you want, you're all zeros anyway) 44. I hope this helps everyone: Jerry Lordan was not and never was a guitarist with the famous British instrumental band The Shadows, but he wrote their first hit "Apache" which hit the British and European charts in the summer of 1960 and stayed at no.

However, when she begins putting them in her basket, she sees that they have warning labels on them that say things like: “Will Cause Broken Neck.” Clearly, Stick It wants it to be known that drugs and athletics don’t mix. (, "Nu Nu" (Double J & Haze Extended Mix) from Fannypack.

It is NOT on the soundtrack, so do not suggest that to me.

God’s name is exclaimed a handful of times; Jesus’ is used for swearing once or twice. Furious that they have to live up to standards of perfection that are impossible to attain, the girls “stick it to the man” by picking their own winners and refusing to compete fairly.

(, What song does Wei Wei do her funky balance beam routine to? The girls, meanwhile, blame their lack of romantic suitors on their small breast sizes. I'm in love with her & her voice. (, What is the name and artist of the music playing when Wey Wey and Mina are doing their vault run in the IG Classic? Aesthetically, the movie is alternately silly and engagingly professional. He bounces himself right into the hospital. (, So I noticed that this song is not in the soundtrack, however it is in the movie. The song she does her routine to is Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song … Similarly, Coach Vickerman is talked into showing the girls his moves on a trampoline. We also see the benefit of Haley’s recommitment to discipline.

MUSIC (SCARY/TENSE) None. Haley and Joanne nearly come to blows and the two have to be separated. does anyone know how to do that? (, No, it's actually a remix version they mixed from Van Halen's version of "Ain't Talkin Bout Love." That’s not why she did it. (, It's the same song that's right at the begining of the movie. Tammy (, The song playing in the background uses a beat from "Jump On It" by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Also making it into the gym: “a–“, “h—,” “d–n” and slang references to parts of the male and female anatomy. (, That Van Halen song.... the remix with the drum beat... ("Ain't Talking About Love")... Who made it, and what's its name? While doing so, his pants fall down around his ankles. Stick It is a 2006 American teen comedy-drama film starring Jeff Bridges, Missy Peregrym, and Vanessa Lengies.It was written and directed by Jessica Bendinger, writer of Bring It On; the film marks her directorial debut.It was produced by Touchstone Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment and was released in theatres on April 28, 2006.
(, The song is "Outta My Way" by Damone...it plays not long after the Fall Out Boy song in Haley's floor routine. (, It's by Mike Simpson, called "Workout," and it's on his website that's linked to in other answers on this page. (, It's an original song by Mike Simpson called "Workout." you can listen to it if you go to, What's that song that starts playing when she gets home after being at court and she goes to her dresser to get her stuff and her dad walks in? After exhausting, painful workouts, Haley begins to have dreams about a store filled with bottles of prescription painkillers. ... Haley on the beam at the IG classic. (, Its a techno/drum & bass remix of Van Halen's "Aint Talking About Love." She is absolutely amazing. A key point in the film is made by the girls pulling their bra straps out from under their uniforms. Find all 28 songs in Stick It Soundtrack, with scene descriptions. ... Hailey does her floor routine. She performs all manner of jumps, tumbles and twirls and then, in her vernacular, attempts to “stick it” (plant the landing with proper technique and no stumbles).