Those assigned there frequently view their posting as a punishment or an attempt by political enemies in the service to drydock their careers, and they typically serve with resentment bordering on bitterness. Though the entirety of Port Wander is technically the dominion of the Imperial Navy, their stronghold in this den of rogues and wanderers is the Command Bastion. The Calixis Battlefleet would have to station at least a quarter of its starships at Port Wander to even put a dent in the smuggling, something the Imperial Navy has little interest in doing. If your a parent and looking for a place to have a party I highly recommend Starport Arcade! The station's main offensive weapons are the dorsal and keel long-range Lance batteries in the Central Bastion. Check. It is a dead system of two large gas giants whose pale surfaces flow with great typhoons that spread and die like bruises on flesh. Overall a pleasant dining experience. could do with tidying the front up a little, their are greenhouses outside and odd plant pots here and there, perhaps they could make it a little more inviting to people passing by after all it is a roadside cafe and they should try to grab customers. This angers Marshal Dhorin (senior Judge and commanding officer) and the Arbites, who see such actions as a deliberate undercutting of Arbites responsibilities. I am very picky about food and the owner is always happy to cater to my fussyness and doesn’t make me feel awkward about it. Besides the pirate Rogue Trader, several other Rogue Traders and Free Captains found themselves drawn into the battle, often unsure just whose side they were on. The food was really good, came out hot and the adult beverages were yummy! It is here where a Rogue Trader really begins his or her journey to riches and glory or ignominy and disgrace. Though the Navy is happy to ignore the civilian population for the most part, they do not hesitate to exert their authority whenever that population becomes embroiled in Navy affairs. Also along the station's keel are a variety of elaborate and mysterious arrays and probes used by the Adeptus Mechanicus in their arcane research into the nature of the Warp passage leading through the Great Warp Storms to the Koronus Expanse beyond. and as of we were guests. Port Wander has a population of roughly five million, and the majority of these people are civilians, all of whom must be housed within the port. For offensive operations in the Rubycon II System, Port Wander maintains five Defence Monitors -- slow but heavily-armed intra-system vessels -- and the starfighter and bomber squadrons of Vanguard Wing. These include: An Adeptus Arbites Arbitrator performing a routine patrol. There are also larger smuggling networks, with Warp-capable vessels, intrasystem ships, and even hidden asteroid bases. However, even amongst those teeming masses, there are those who stand above the rest. Although I gave them a 3 star on this visit I think they will improve and I do plan to go back on n the future." When WAAAGH! With less military and more commercial functions occurring and constant years of pressure, the Imperial Navy was forced under Imperial Palace decree in the early 41st Millennium to cede authority over the station to a consortium of Administratum functionaries, heavily influenced by factions of Rogue Traders, merchants, and guilds. Another exceedingly brutal punishment on Port Wander is being "flogged 'round the fleet." Finally, many of the merchant houses and Rogue Traders employ their own law enforcement to protect their interests aboard Port Wander, meaning much of the interior is protected by mercenary bands and hired thugs. Surrounded by vessels of all shapes and sizes, it glows with the lights of hundreds of beacons and tens of thousands of souls. Come join us for a drink, to watch the game, meet old friends, and make new ones! Their presence is always in demand to offer consecrations to newly-repaired vessels, and for binary prayers as the ships depart for the Maw. Rogue Traders and their fellow explorers often spend many solar weeks in port while their ships are refuelled and repaired and cargo loaded or off-loaded. In such cases, the exclusive knowledge of a route and the skill of the house's Navigators to steer it mean that they can command a fortune in bonds from the Imperial Navy or Merchant Cartels. From elaborate state rooms, simple berths, bunked quarters, or doss spaces near the outer hull all are available and all cost the local currency, Thrones. There is rumour that the Arbites also maintain a hidden asteroid precinct-fortress as well, which they will neither confirm nor deny. Much of their activity is undertaken by informers or undercover officers -- it is rare for uniformed Arbitrators to leave the precinct except in large and well-armed parties. Port Wander's own defences responded admirably to the invasion, crippling and destroying innumerable vessels as the Orks attempted to board and overwhelm it.