These were not the standard sirens of emergency vehicles many of us have learned to sleep through. Officials received calls from people complaining that their sirens were going off — and others from people complaining because their sirens were silent. “So many people believe the sirens are their first means of warning, and actually, in today’s day and age, they’re really kind of the last,” said DeAnn Konkel, the warning system manager for the department.

Sedgwick County finished upgrading the software in its sirens in 2013 so they could be individually activated, Charvat said. New warnings in the same area will trigger the sirens to sound again.

The sirens only sound for five minutes, regardless of how long the warning lasts, to prevent the equipment from overheating, Charvat said. DA Bennett released the following information to “simply to explain the various state statutes implicated by this story.”, Former Wichita Mayor Jeff Longwell responded to information revealed in a secretly recorded meeting by saying, “Those three stooges probably cost me the election.”.
Polygons have helped reduce that complacency, she said. The Wichita branch of the weather service has been producing warning polygons since 2005 — a practice that went nationwide in 2008. The storms earlier this month revealed there are still people who assume the siren nearest them should sound because sirens were going off elsewhere, the officials said. Atzhiri Acosta, another Wichita Falls resident also spoke to News Channel 6. He spends his time researching weird history and thinking about the place where cosmic horror overlaps with disco. Yet many people cling to outdated beliefs about tornado sirens. Atzhiri Acosta, another Wichita Falls resident also spoke to News Channel 6. I looked to the window, and I see it spinning so I was like freaking out. By early April, local emergency management officials say, all 147 sirens …

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I just kind of looked out…it was far away at some points and then it sounded like it was closer. Trevor the Guru of Cool understands that every moment is its own apocalypse and finds his peace even through the howling klaxons.

“I think the polygon helps people take the warnings more seriously,” Konkel said. Emergency dispatchers at 911 also received 34 calls about the sirens the night of May 5, the Wichita Eagle reported. Historically, the latter half of May has been the most active period for tornadoes in Kansas.