De plus, ne laissez rien dans sa voiture, pas de traces de rouge à lèvres, pas de parfum, pas même une mèche de cheveux. Rule 2: Do NOT cheat with somebody your girl knows! Then you going to cut the side chick off with no problem!

Now, before the moral police start pointing fingers, let me explain myself. Vous n’êtes ni la petite amie ni même la femme de votre homme, alors allez droit au but. Don't end up edgy when that dinner does not happen as you had agreed.

Ne le taguez pas et mieux encore, ne le suivez sur aucune plate-forme. Après tout, ce que vous faites n’est pas ce que vous voulez diffuser, de toute façon.

Nothing is more of a come up then a baby ESPECIALLY if you don’t have one with you girl!

If you don't stick to this rule effectively then it's guaranteed that the guy will go for another side chick. First of all, you need to get it in your pretty head that when you are a side chick you are involved with a guy who has chosen another woman as his main chick. De nos jours, bon nombre de ces règles secondaires impliqueront les réseaux sociaux.

Il n’y a pas de temps pour jouer dur à obtenir, donc cela signifie soit que vous donnez un peu d’amour à votre homme, soit que vous êtes absent. Any bitch that breaks this rule should be released from her side duties ASAP!!! Even when you find yourself in a situation that seems to be forcing you to admit being the side chick, please don't give in! Renseignez-vous sur ces 14 règles géniales pour les poussins latéraux. I might even end up warming your heart towards this concept of a side chick.

More importantly do NOT cheat with any bitch your girl hates!!!! If you are really a drama queen, please enjoy it with your friends only.

Deuxièmement, vous pourriez vous retrouver avec une ordonnance restrictive. Cependant, il y a plu à être un.

No going out , no cuddling with her, no giving her money, and NEVER tell the side bitch you love her. It's not. Être un poussin d’accompagnement n’est pas facile.

Learn to stick to this rule and simply enjoy your time together with your man. You’re not your man’s girlfriend or even wife, so cut to the chase. Il veut quelqu'un qui lui tiendra compagnie, mais qui gardera les choses légères, ne lui en demandera pas trop, ne le fatiguera pas et ne l'attachera pas.

By following the ALL rules!! The worst mistake you can make as a side chick is if you make the main chick your concern, attempt to compare yourself to the main chick, or show signs of obsession over the main chick. S'il a dit qu'il voulait vous emmener dîner ce soir et que vous avez même acheté une nouvelle robe juste pour l'occasion, mais qu'il annule soudainement, ne le prenez pas personnellement. En fait, gardez vos distances. If you keep it honest from the begin and never make the situation more than sex there’s no reason to be an asshole to her! But if you’re paying the bills, attentive, take her out etc and the ONLY bad things you do is occasionally cheat she might be more inclined to stay with you!

If you really can't keep a secret then pack up - your days as a side chick are over. En tant que poussin secondaire, vous devez être prêt à faire face à de nombreux changements dans vos plans. He has not put a ring on it for a reason. As a side chick, you should never make the main chick your business or concern. Vous appréciez simplement votre homme autant qu'il vous aime. I’m so messed up from it. Cependant, il y a plu à être un .

Just live in the present. They make it solo obvious they’re are cheating, Helen Keller could see it! Compiled here are some rules that side chicks should follow to the letter, to avoid the drama that comes with being the number two and to flourish at the same time.

Une partie des règles du côté poussin comprend la compréhension que vous n'allez pas être courtisé. She is not a home wrecker!

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Trust me she is saving those messages even if you deleting them!
You know, as a side chick, it means that you are offering something that the number one woman is not. Rule 3: Do not socialize with side bitches on social networks. It's hard out here for a pimp to control his bitches. You might be tempted to stalk your man, his girlfriend or wife but don't try it, since it's pointless.

# 2 Sachez où vous en êtes.

However, you can include them when/if the situation changes.

Make the relationship with your guys full of fantasy and not littered with the tenets of the quid pro quo principle - if you really feel the principle should be applied in your relationship then don't make it so obvious. The no strings attached arrangement that you have with the guy is probably the main reason that the relationship is existing in the first place. Rule 4: If you’re cheating that has to be your only flaw just in case you get caught!!!!

Your basically living a double life. We all know how this last one operates: the client offers money to the hooker in exchange for sex. Why? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This is not a client-hooker relationship, but neither is it the conventional boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Know your place as a side chick and be a stickler to this rule to avoid embarrassment and ugly confrontations. Keep the two …

Ce ne sont pas que des cadeaux, du sexe et des escapades excitantes, bien que cela fasse souvent partie de l’accord. Rule 11: The main chick is never your concern as the side chick. This will easily repel your guy, since he doesn't want to think about the main chick when he's with you. Get this straight. Être un pouin d’accompagnement n’et pa facile. Trouver des jouets de fabrication américaine, Exemple de contrat de location avec option d'achat, Meilleur et le pire trait de personnalité pour tous les signes du zodiaque, 10 signes que votre copain essaie secrètement de vous séduire, Dilemme aromantique: 16 mythes et vérités sur leur vie amoureuse.
You just want to fuck her right? You have to be careful not to leave traces, especially where the main chick can easily uncover them. This article is all about rules that side chicks should follow to avoid problems with the main chick, the guys, and society in general.

Being fully aware of your place in the man's life, you should instead enjoy the few stolen moments that you two enjoy. Never pester your man about the main chick.

She is going to confront your girl and tell her everything!! Any type of disrespect from the side chick should not be tolerated! Vous pourriez potentiellement ruiner une relation ou même une famille, c'est-à-dire si vous vous faites prendre. Tomber amoureux de votre homme ne fera que ruiner le fondement même de la relation, qui repose essentiellement sur des relations sexuelles occasionnelles et sans engagement. Bloque le. What makes you think he will not move on to the next side chick when you are heavily pregnant with his baby? To avoid problems, the side chick has to observe rule number one - keeping secrets.

This is why you are still the side chick and there is the main chick. Therefore as a side chick don't even dream of him allowing you to use his photo as your WhatsApp profile photo or a selfie of you two. La technologie peut vous donner de nombreux moyens pour traquer votre homme ou même son poussin principal. Not to mention diseases!!!!! This would happen in a normal relationship but not the one you are in. The same relationship can easily be extinguished by any slight problems, such as a baby. Whatever you do, don't rob the guy. Play smart, my sister. You really don't need to scare your man with the never-ending questions of where the relationship is headed. No, not even a mistress but yeah she is the side piece. A friend or family member maybe a little more cautious of your girl finding out, but an enemy will make she finds out!