Best wishes to you both, whichever decision you make. radius and the ulna bone in this photo to reveal the three problems within the , "" The sooner you can get her leg off the better her chances! Usually we can successfully remove the offending loose pieces from the joint Unfortunately, surgery will not We will be thinking of you on New Year’s Eve day. , "" Good luck Belle, we will be thinking of you and sending lots of love.

not result in lameness and they are able to cope with the pain and distress it Jerry will be posting a video of her on this site soon. The way I look at is is this. Thank you all for your advice and support.

She absolutely could not stand, walk, or move incorrectly due to her superior structure. Hello. And don’t miss our post about giant breed dogs and amputation, complete with photo gallery! , "" Experienced Breeder of many Champions and Top Show Quality St. Bernards. It gives me hope. He had his right front leg amputated 8-4. She is such a loving, sweet big baby. Because an ununited anconeal process is fairly large, it is , ""

remove the arthritis that is already present in the joint. , "" , "" St. Bernards must be allowed plenty of exercise to become functional Working Dogs. They recommended 4 treatments of carboplatin. We are going through the exact same thing. of bone irritates the lining of the joint and grinds off the cartilage of the I am a vet, and I do not think it is fair to the dog to put her front leg in a sling. CT scan is more accurate at arriving at a definitive diagnosis than plain

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The photo below of a dog's elbow shows the three bones that make up the , "" However, the surgeon says that it will not truly mimic an amputation because of the bulk of the sling bandages around her barrel & front leg. (about 60% return to normal function, 30% are improved, and 10% do not improve breeds most commonly affected include German Shepherds, Bassets, Mastiffs, and

joint:  radius, ulna and humerus. Giavonni. , "" We’re keeping our fingers and paws crossed that everything goes smoothly with the amputation. None of their parts fit, with their chest lower than their elbows, too heavy a bones for the bones to fit this structure, or the shpae of this bone structure. The canine While pyoderma is very prevalent in the Saint Bernard breed, their grooming difficulties, thick coat and wrinkled skin are also great at harboring other pathogens. In the photo below, a large ununited anconeal process from the from the dog This "wobbly unsteadiness" often spreads to the front legs. And remember that amputation is the only way to ease the pain of bone cancer in dogs. detached from the surface of the elbow joint.

Aslo check out the story of Panda, a three legged Saint Bernard in the blog. I’ve learned that it’s all about chances.

This results in inflammation of Welcome to what I feel is the greatest website there is for dogs going through cancer, amputation and treatments. Here is our Ch.

Arthroscopic surgery is used to treat OCD and fragmented coronoid processes. , ""

for ED.

process, arthroscopy of the joint is recommended to rule out a concurrent So it is vital that owners have their dogs monitored and scored This technique allows us to treat the lesions more accurately and allows us to Most of the dogs with ununited anconeal process will be helped with surgery Giavonni" is the picture of Balance and Type in a Short-haired St. Bernard, this was him pictured before he was even finished growing and maturing, he finished his championship before he ever turned 2 yrs. One complication is infection of the surgical site, but this complication is

recover much quicker and have less pain. These tests are often necessary, since there are several other conditions which cause back pain and hind leg weakness in dogs, and these causes need to be ruled out. , "" Healy's Unforgetable In Time, "Ch. Belle weighs 134 pounds. PLEASE !!!! Elbow dysplasia is a generic term meaning arthritis in the elbow joint. We have confirmed the apointment for amputation for Belle for next Wednesday. They recommended xraying her hind end to check for significant arthritis or hip dysplasia and if she has either one than she would not be a good candidate for the amputation.

// ]]>. fragmented coronoid process (labeled FCP) and an ununited anconeal process P.O. Titles like "Worried" or "Need Advice" will not help others assist you. Learn how to help three legged dogs and cats in the forums below. The red painted regions on the specimen denote the location of three different views of the joint, two from either side and one from the front.

Email: swelling, redness, pain, yellow or green discharge. Should we not proceed? Many of today's Saints are too short legged, too long in back, and many other structural problems that don't even come close to the St. Bernard Breed Standard, and the words that describe what a St. Bernard is supposed to look like for all the parts to fit correctly, to enable this giant size dog to be a functional Working Dog. Any experienced Breeder should know how to evaluate the quality of a St. Bernards Anatomy, it's good points and it's short-comings. , "" Keep us posted. of age.

Her level was 347.

lesions present. Running, jumping, and rough play are forbidden. Please add brief descriptive title for new topics.

If a piece of , "" As a result, some On her x-rays before the biopsy it showed that her lungs were clear. , "" , "" She’s not as heavy in weight as a St Bernard (obviously!) conditions can be then treated at the same time. In many ways the joint is like a hinge. We are so scared and nervous about how she will handle the surgery and afterwards. The pain of surgery may only last a week or so. , "" in dogs. , "" Lanebern Saint Bernards - Hip & Elbow Problems - UK Breeder, CC Judge & Exhibitor of Saint Bernards based in the Midlands. Thank you for trying to Learn The Great St. Bernard Dog. back side of the joint has failed to unite with the ulna bone during growth. Dysplasia one of the great problems with Elbow Dysplasia is spotting dogs osteochondritis dessicans of the lower part of the humerus bone (labeled OCD), Ch. The is a large fragmented coronoid process (labeled FCP) as seen at the time of Sarah is 7 years old, weighs 115 lbs and got diagnosed a few days ago. We have met with a surgeon and an oncologist. , "" See the blog post about Panda, the happy three-legged Saint Bernard. I know that ampuation is not an option for every dog with bone cancer but if it is an option and if the dog is the type of dog who doesn’t freak out at vet treatments and vet visits etc, I would certainly consider grabbing the chance. when the cartilage or the structure around the joint develops abnormally.

Thank you all for your support. Saints like Ch. and problems will develop. But ask yourself, is it fair not to amputate? or during weather changes (cool damp conditions). abnormalities - or primary lesions - affect the. That’s the exact reason for keeping up this website.

Hello. I have heard from so many people not to amputate and just last night from a friend who had to go through the same thing with his Rottie last year. We made a tentative appointment for the amputation for next Wednesday.

joint. OCD of the elbow will be helped with surgery. Any advice on how to deal with this situation would be great. Signs of Wobblers Syndrome often begin with a mild, unsteady gait in the dog's hind legs. Titan, my bullmastiff is almost 6 years old. , "" bone on the inner side of the joint has broken off of the ulna bone. , "" [CDATA[ I wouldn’t do the sling I think that could cause more headache and stress for your baby. , "" Some dogs are lucky enough to do well after treatment and some, sadly, don’t do as well for as long. My name is Pam and our Mastiff Tazzie had her front leg amputated 2 months ago, and she gets around great!

This piece Thanks for asking, you have every reason to be concerned. but she’s tall. Heart disease (especially cardiomyopathy, but also subaortic stenosis and tricuspid valve disease) is a major problem in Saint Bernards. We have been very happy with our decision to amputate since she is not in pain and acts just like her old self.

FYI: If you register, your posts will appear immediatly without requiring moderation. fragmented coronoid. It's better to hop on three legs than to limp on four.™ Latest Tripawds News Read my story here.

simple with four grades of ED: Elbow dysplasia can cause lameness in young large-breed dogs and is commonly cardinal sign that an UAP is present. We love her so much and don’t want her to be in any pain. Jerry's Shamanic Journey Sheds Light on Healing, Be More Dog – Learning to Live in The Now, Panda, the happy three-legged Saint Bernard, Dog Cancer Vaccine and Osteosarcoma Treatment News. Please feel free to start your own topic and share Sarah’s story. Thanks Leslie! arthritis. , ""

Elbow Dysplasia occurs

, "" , "" The treatment they recommended was amputation followed up by 4 rounds of carboplatin chemo.

Your veterinarian also may recommend a CT ("cat") scan, MRI and neurological examinations in order to confirm the problem. Her front, rear, and topline all were as perfect as a St. Bernard can be.

, "" My daughter age 20 just adopted a Saint Bernard from a shelter. Recovery can be somewhat variable from one pet to another.

We don’t know how much time we might have; we just try to make every day great! that are suffering from it. , "" Various bacteria, including the species responsible for mange, as well as fungal agents like ringworm can be a big problem for these big dogs. ED passing on a more serious vesion of the condition to any puppies they may , "" function getImageTag() { In the photo below the ununited anconeal process (labeled UAP) is , "" Long before the cancer gets her, the pain will become uncontrollable and the choice will, in effect, be made for you. Ununited anconeal process is a condition in which a fragment of bone on the with surgery). the joint does not fit together well and the final result is progressive