Clutch gaming chairs are built with high density foam that has, -EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE GAMING EMERSION WITH OUR NEW, -INCLUDES MULTIFUNCTION RGB REMOTE SO YOU CAN USE ANY, -TILT BACK TO REDUCE DOWNWARD FORCE ON YOUR SPINE BY, MECHANISMS ENSURE YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND THE. Well, most gamers, streamers and almost everybody these days are complaining about how their back hurts after a long day.

Chair is really nice. ", "Best Chair.Chair is well made and it’s super comfy. Write a Review × Pewdiepie Edition - Throttle Series ... Pewdiepie Chair.

The PewDiePie gaming chair can also be a perfect chair for a large range of people who has trouble finding the perfect fit or certain comfortability, durability, support for their gaming needs. The castors have a polyurethane coating which means that no more imprinting those marks on your floor (so they say) and less squeak, if you’re a gamer that loves to move around smoothly, quietly, without making any sound, then you’re in luck! I spend 10 to 14 hours a day in this chair currently due to the current state of the world and working from home and it has been wonderful! Large ergonomic lumbar cushion puts your spine in perfect alignment. All over this is a great chair for gaming or working and I would definitely buy it again. These two colors will fit almost all rooms’ decorations. Only 2 small things and this is just nitpicking.
Not to mention, the black-and-red chair stays new and clean over time. -EASY SETUP TO ENSURE YOU GET LIT REAL QUICK.

The chair does go all the way back just like in Pewd’s videos. 1.

"AwesomeThe chair is great as I expected, good product 10/10. -PRECISELY ADJUST THE PLATEAU™ 4D ARMRESTS TO PERFECTLY FIT YOUR BODY. PewDiePie made this model wildly popular by using it in his videos. It doesn’t the same strength due to the lower grade materials use to build the JL Comfurni. …

Eduardo - 2020 Jun 30th 5. The JL Comfurni also isn’t comparable to the PewDiePie gaming chair when it comes to weight load. We also like the feel, as well as the look of the “Dura-soft” PU leather. The headrest is specially made with softness so your neck wouldn’t experience any type of strain anytime soon! It maintains centre gravity pretty well and because of the wide base it provides extra stability within your movements while it’s being tilted.

The most subscribed YouTuber (I’m talking to you, T-series) with over 88 million subscribers, also known as “bros” has taken the internet by storm. This chair is suuppperrr comfy and its really cool when it lights up; it's a lot brighter than I expected. The base is 70cm diameter wide and is made from forged aluminium, it can withstand up to 2 tons of weight! The chair can also be overwhelming for other people (especially children) because it is specially designed for bigger people and the legends of the Bro army! I had a cougar chair, DXRacer and GTRacing and they have nothing compared to this chair. -ENGINEERED FOR SUPERIOR ABRASION AND WEAR RESISTANCE. There are similar standards of chairs to the Clutch Chairz Throttle Series PewDiePie Edition. Super comfy and I love the lights. Brofists all around.

Great quality however the back rest of the chair came a little torn and a portion of the LED strand has a slice in it. “I can’t thank you JaidenAnimations for sneaking in the Pewdiepie chair” – Felix Kjellberg (Timestamp 6:17). Took me 10-15 minutes to assemble.


!” memes started when Pewdiepie uploaded his 12th episode of “Last Week I Asked You (LWIAY)” video. See article on how much much twitch streamers make, Read up on the proven ways to make money on YouTube. Buy this chair you wont regret it. With the PewDiePie gaming chair, you can adjust tilt of the chair in order to relieve pressure.

Do this frequently but also get up and move around if you can.

As an old-time YouTuber, PewDiePie knew exactly what features he wanted for his chair in order to be strong, steady, reliable and can withstand a substantial amount of weight.

This chair is even better than I’d hoped for! -CRAFTED TO PROVIDE THE PERFECT BLEND OF DURABILITY AND SOFTNESS, BLURRING THE LINE BETWEEN NATURAL AND MAN-MADE LEATHER. The most subscribed YouTuber (I’m talking to you, T-series) with over 88 million subscribers,  also known as “bros” has taken the internet by storm. Superior, cold cured foam relieves pressure points, reduces discomfort and improves circulation to the lower extremities. Pewdiepie Gaming Chair Has part of our ongoing effort to bring you cutting edge products we have developed an LED chair. The quality definitely justifies the price.

Furthermore, if you’re a person that moves a lot and your arm needs all of the available support, the PewDiePie gaming chair can be adjusted in four different positions! See the full features list below. If you’re a person that sits all day, then you are familiar with having a lot of tension on your neck, shoulders, and back. Which means no more scars all over my forearms (Thank you, Clutch Chairz design team!). -PRECISION WELDED INTERNAL FRAME MADE WITH HEAVY GAUGE STEEL. If your chair has a mechanism with a Tilt-lock function try using it to tilt/recline yourself back periodically (once per hour) to change your body's position and give your postural muscles a rest. Any doubts – The PewDiePie gaming chair has undergone testing to back up its claims! -TWO LEVER MECHANISMS ENSURE YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND THE MOST COMFORTABLE POSITION.

The Pewdiepie Chair features black and red, with smooth-cutting edges. $539.99.

So if your desk is too high, then you can adjust the height of your chair which is powered by a class 4 gas lift which can hold up to 150kg or 330lbs. My only regret was not buying this one sooner and wasting my money on the other cheaper chairs. Clutch Chairz is so confident in their products that they provide a lifetime warranty for the ClutchChairz Throttle Series PewDiePie Edition. So, after PewDiePie concluded his ideas, he contacted the top-notch design team at Clutch Chairz and they began building one of the most anticipated gaming chairs ever. The ClutchChairz product is backed up by a lifetime guarantee that they offer on the steel frame and the 3-year warranty that they offer for the additional lumbar support or headrest.

You will have the feeling of soaring as you sit on the PewDiePie gaming chair and this allows the frame to provide exceptional levels of support without being too uncomfortable. Pewdiepie LED 100M Edition - Throttle Series, Throttle Series Charlie Red Premium Gaming Chair, Smooth-Glide Premium Gaming Mousepad - Pewdiepie Limited Edition, Pewdiepie Rise Series Electric Sit-Stand Desk - White, Pewdiepie Rise Series Electric Sit-Stand Desk - Black, Throttle Series Echo Black/White Premium Gaming Chair. -THE VAST SURFACE AREA HELPS DISTRIBUTE PRESSURE EVENLY TO HELP MAINTAIN BLOOD FLOW TO THE HANDS. But if you have the money then I’d still recommend the Clutch Chairz Throttle Series PewDiePie Edition because it’ll feels good, great for my back, looks great and I can get a new one if it breaks thanks to the warranty. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchase, why Blockchain is good for content creators, Base: Tested to withstand over 2 tons 70cm diameter offering increased stability Forged aluminium for toughness and durability, Steel frame: High strength tubular steel frame, Backrest:  Adjustment angle between 85 -135 degrees. -IMPROVE BACK HEALTH WITH THE ABILITY TO CHANGE POSITION FREQUENTLY.

The frame is covered in high density, rich aspect quality memory foam.
The armrest also has a lot of room for you to loosen up your arms so you can lay back and relax. My only concern is when it came it was missing a piece, it’s not an important piece only a decoration piece but it looks incomplete :(. It’s also comparable to the other gaming chair on the market but when it comes to durability, strength, features, and toughness of the chair, it is by far one of the top gaming chairs out there right now. He has recently released the well awaited PewDiePie gaming chair. Also, it was super quick to put together. Our new dura-soft leather looks & feels like real leather but also wears well and is easy to clean. I remember buying those gimmick gaming chairs because it was cheap, but it gave me marks all over my forearm which drove me insane! Our new dura-soft leather looks & feels like real leather but also wears well and is easy to clean.