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According to one member's records, the theft just happened on Friday. (Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Manage Consent Do Not Sell My Data). So I redeemed most of our mountain of points for Best Buy e-Gift cards. That means checking your points balance on a regular basis just as you would your bank account, and creating passwords that are tough to crack. I say the fraudsters are smart, and make sure to redeem for various things to ensure they don't get caught. Anyway, the point is that I spent some Petro-Points on CAA memberships, but I still had a ton left.

Some even scan there own cards if customers dont have points. Considering we don’t pay cash for our CAA membership, this 10% off (or more) is like found money.

(Remember you are limited as to how many e-Gift cards you can redeem in a single online purchase.

To provide another layer of protection, experts say members need to treat their loyalty programs with the same importance as their other financial accounts.

I even got my Mom a membership when hers expired. Check Lost and Stolen List Check Now. It's usually the employees working at the station that are stealing the points. We are featuring Pointshogger contributor Paul Bischoff, who is a consumer privacy expert and the editor of Comparitech, a security-focused tech services review site. What to do if your Petro-Canada Mobility™ phone or SIM is lost/stolen. So when I renewed our CAA memberships this year, I bought each of us the CAA Basic using Petro-Points. "You can log into a website, take those points and, with a couple of clicks, you can buy yourself a gift card," said Schulz.

Join Petro-Canada Mobility but keep your current number.

What happened next? I have not redeemed for anything in the past couple years, nor do I even shop at any of the HBC stores anyways. The problem with these TVs is that, like my Tandy 1000 TL/2, they still work just fine. And still the mountain was so high I could have retired on it if those were dollars not points. Why thieves are stealing rewards points and what you can do to protect yourself. Do you think this is isolated to Petro Points? Not saying it's the same issue or anything, but seems like it's been going on for quite a while now and it must be costing them. Learn more. if you are going to get one anyway, is the best $ reward you can get per point.

It's the second time in two months. // Sign up for data to access Internet from your, Collect 10 points for every $1 spent on any.

I called and they cancelled and are sending me a new card. You can redeem in store or online depending on the reward. Since I’m foolish enough to take the risk and buy individual stocks on the TSX, it likely comes as no surprise to you that I was also stupid enough willing to take this risk. If you do have an account, log in and browse our Redeem page.

(Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Manage Consent Do Not Sell My Data). )Your email message will be something like the following. ™Trademark of Suncor Energy Inc. Used under licence. Used in Vancouver, I usually frequent the same few stores in Hamilton but stopped into one in port hope last week, not sure where they got the number as I have the physical card. Reporting your phone lost/stolen will keep your balance intact; however, the monthly 911 Recovery Fee will continue to be deducted from your account. On the Step 2 of 4: Choose your e-Gift Card demomination [sic] screen, $10 Best Buy e-Gift card for 12 000 Petro-Points. Sign up for data to access Internet from your, Collect 10 points for every $1 spent on any. You’re in control. "There's a very good chance that that data is going to wind up for sale in the cybercrime underground," he said. Owner Loblaws hasn't said how many of the program's six million members have been affected. I would have noticed the missing points sooner, however I was locked out of my account online (i thought I locked myself out by accident) and it would not let me reset my password until I contacted them "due to technical difficulties". Choose an option below to get answers to your questions. If you’re still willing and aren’t being influenced by this post (remember I’m not a licenced financial planner and I’ve been known to give lots of bad advice in the past, just ask my children), here’s what to do: So, with my e-Gift cards, which are really pieces of printer paper, clutched hotly in hand, I drove off to Best Buy to get my TV. To encourage thoughtful and respectful conversations, first and last names will appear with each submission to CBC/Radio-Canada's online communities (except in children and youth-oriented communities). They either hack into a program's data system, or infiltrate individual accounts, says Robert Hudyma, an information technology management professor at Ryerson University.