Well, money will always be a part of your life. Taxes, investing, TFSAs, RRSPs, the Bank of Canada, Canadian credit cards, financial institutions and so on. This sub isn’t one to be asking for advice or investing tips. Those new to the term, FIRE stands for financial independence retire early. As a recent graduate in Economics and Finance, and as a current Business Analyst with Sun Life Financial, Jamieson continues to invest both his time and money in educating the people around him about money, money, money. The bad news? There are. There are … Read more, When it comes to budget management, things can get more … Read more, TD Ameritrade is one of the top brokerage firms in … Read more, Freedom Mobile is the 4th largest mobile network company in … Read more, Are you planning to invest in stocks? .

and is packed with content around frugality, investing, financial planning and much more. Now don’t confuse a laissez-faire approach to a lazy one, think of it more as a minimalist approach. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

It’s a space that seems to limit the amount of snippy comments or trolling that other personal finance subs might possess. With over 13.5 million subscribers it’s far and away the largest financial community on the platform.

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That holds true no matter what stage of your financial journey you’re at. However, the opposite is true (in a big way). and willing members of the community happy to provide you support, advice and yes…sometimes a little humor or rough around the edges advice. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The description of the sub says it all, “breaking free of the work/spend/borrow cycle in order to live more fully, sustainably, and cooperatively.”.

Plus recommended books, financial blueprints, FAQs and a Wiki. That holds true no matter what stage of your financial journey you’re at.

As a Canadian I’m envious of the credit card offers available to my neighbours to the south.

Churn and earn!

Whether you want to lurk (like I have for years) or be an engaged member of one of the Reddit personal finance subs, there is value to be had. The advice, first-hand experience and stories of frugality and saving money know no bounds.

We are all about doing the legwork for you and providing you with useful, applicable and unbiased knowledge of navigating the (at times) complex world of personal finance.

The sidebar is packed with content to help those just starting out navigate the bevy of information. Now if this frightens you a bit, don’t worry, the site also has content on wealth management and personal finance, but may be better suited towards self-directed investor looking to sit in the driver’s seat of their investment portfolios. For those a little confused on the term “churning”, it’s the practice of earning travel rewards and value by turning through credit cards. (CRB Latest Updates). If you want to get an education, finance a car, buy a house, get married or travel, you will likely need to learn the basics of personal finance. #default-btn-e2fc70e157c867d8722c4377080fd7e9 *{vertical-align:middle}JUMP INTO THE /r/leanfire COMMUNITY. From index funds to individual stocks, the FAQ and sub covers the gamut. We here at Hardbacon believe this presents Canadians with a good news-bad news situation.

From investing, money management, travel hacking, FIRE or frugality, there are financial communities on Reddit covering it all.

There are daily discussion threads, questions posed for advice on specific topics, news articles, podcasts, etc. To help Canadians, we have listed some of the most useful websites for Canadian investors looking to learn how to better manage their own money. Not to shabby, eh? Young and Thrifty is a website that aims to help Canadians earn more, save more money and live a financially stress-free life. However, the topics discussed and evergreen knowledge available around the Bogleheads will provide value in leaps and bounds. As you may have guessed from the name, this site allows for Canadian to take a laissez-faire approach to personal financial management. The sub is one of the smallest of our Reddit personal finance subs listed here with almost 10,000 subscribers. You could become an active contributor and engage in the discussion or lurk and learn at your own pace. Now don’t get too worked up. is an engaging community that discusses the concepts of frugality and saving money in terms of the impact of living a simpler life. Now, I know you might be thinking, “There’s too much information out there! #default-btn-f702e5625f40f1bcec3b8d97d021ebda *{vertical-align:middle}START CHURNING WITH /r/churningcanada TODAY. The FAQ provides insights into the most commonly asked questions and discussion points of the sub. The next sub aims to help those at lower income levels looking to make progress with their personal finances. When it comes to Reddit personal finance subs about saving money, /r/Frugal leads the way. (CRSB Latest Updates). With over 141,000 subscribers, there is always engaging discussion taking place. Next up is the Financial Planning Reddit sub.

Whether it’s a new card, limited time deal, new points maximization strategy or best practices for specific cards, this sub has the answers. With RESP, you … Read more, Chatr Mobile is a Canadian mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) … Read more, People have been waiting for the Tesla Battery Day for … Read more, If you are a resident of Canada, you have probably … Read more, I’ve some exciting news to share with all of you.

Well … Read more, Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit or CRSB is a Government of … Read more, Should you trade or own stocks?

is also one that digs a bit deeper when you want to and can get more specific in terms of the questions asked and topics discussed.

Under no circumstances should any information from this blog be used as replacement for professional financial advice. How do I know what’s right?

The churn, burn and earn community has a dedicated. Reddit has grown to one of the top 25 websites globally for traffic and overall rank.

Housing, transportation, foods, subscriptions, clothing, DIY and almost every other topic applicable to most of us are discussed on the daily. © COPYRIGHT 2019 MAKING MOMENTUM. No Judgement, just advice!”.

Another benefit?

There are daily discussion threads, questions posed for advice on specific topics, news articles, podcasts, etc. and 500 to 1,000 members online doesn’t compare to the sub above, the engagement and support remains consistent. In terms of the social media platforms, Reddit might have a reputation to make you believe it might not be an effective medium for financial discussion and advice.