But the company said today that it would fully down-man the rig, 240 miles from Aberdeen, as Storm Caroline approaches. A spokeswoman said: "CNR International (UK) Limited advises that, due to an adverse weather forecast during the coming days, it has commenced a precautionary down-man of non-essential personnel from its Ninian Southern platform.
An initial crew of 19 arrived on Ninian Southern on Tuesday to carry out an initial inspection of the topside facilities. CNR International has been carrying out remedial work on the platform's jacket structure and assurance activities are ongoing to confirm their effectiveness.

The company said no other installations were currently affected. The company said no other installations were currently affected. CNR International said it was taking the precaution on Ninian Southern, 75 miles (120km) east of Shetland. Ninian Northern Platform Decommissioning Programme Document Number: P0005-CNR-PM-REP-00005 March 2019 Revision: B3 6 Abbreviation Explanation PETS Portal Environmental Tracking System PL … US election 2020 polls: Who is ahead - Trump or Biden? Stock markets slide as Covid-19 cases rise, Covid-19: How the Czech Republic's response went wrong, Turkey's Erdogan urges French goods boycott amid Islam row, Pakistan's first metro line opens to passengers in Lahore, Uber sued by drivers over ‘automated robo-firing', Information about BBC links to other news sites. CNR initially said it was taking precautionary measures and evacuating the crew on-board due to adverse weather conditions and wave heights that could “impact the safety of those on-board”. The worker is understood to still be still receiving treatment at ARI. .css-14iz86j-BoldText{font-weight:bold;}Dozens of workers have been taken off a North Sea platform amid fears of huge waves due to the approaching Storm Caroline. The platform was in shut down for 4 days before restarting production again. © Energy Voice 2020. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) said the leak was serious enough to be classed as a major accident. “Safety is paramount to CNR International and the company will continue to work with regulators, stakeholders and industry specialist consultants to ensure the correct procedures are followed before it fully re-mans the platform and restarts production,” the company concluded. In 2013, PD&MS were contracted to assist in taking the drilling facilities on the Ninian South asset from warm stacked condition to allow a full drilling programme to commence, initially over a three-year drilling schedule.

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