In 13 seasons, Bettis rushed for 13,662 yards, 91 touchdowns, and one Super Bowl victory.

Your privacy is safe with us. And over 10 times in his career, he totaled 1,000 yards or more. Larry Csonka’s power running and no­-name defense sparked the Miami Dolphins 1970’s Dynasty before Dan Marino, Isotoner Gloves, and the phrase “taking your game to South Beach” became associated with sports lore. Some of these choices are inevitably going to be tougher than others, either due to too many good candidates or too few solid choices, so we're also noting the "level of difficulty" of each choice. The Best Buccaneers Players by Jersey Number 31-40, The Best Buccaneers Players by Jersey Number 1-10, The Best Buccaneers Players by Jersey Number 11-20, The Best Buccaneers Players by Jersey Number 21-30.

Bleacher Report reminds us George didn’t make it into the Hall of Fame, but he was known for his sheer power at the time — and Tennessee needed him for his workhorse mentality. Louis Carter got it first and was the team's leading rusher during the inaugural 1976 season.'s Scott Smith takes a look at the best player in Buccaneers history to wear uniform numbers 1-10. As a Chicago Bear, Nagurski cleared a path of destruction for 2,778 rushing yards over the course of his nine­-year career. Next: He’s often called the Jackie Robinson of football. Taylor and his running mate Hornung were directly responsible for Frozen Tundra lore, with Lombardi ordering up “a seal here and a seal there” to create alleyways on the Packers’ toss sweep.
After failing to make the Nigerian Olympic track and field team, Okoye turned his sights to playing football at the college level. As a power runner, Jerome Bettis was blessed with the size of a nose tackle to go alongside the twinkle toes of Fred Astaire. But few of the other "locks" on this list had the kind of competition that Alstott did from Washington.

Brown made the Bucs as an undrafted free agent in 1976 but only played in one game that season and was then traded to the Raiders.

We'll start with cornerback Mike Washington, who was a secondary stalwart along with the aforementioned Cotney and Brown from 1976-84. This was the player taken in the second round right after the first-round choice of Doug Williams in 1978. He also scored seven postseason touchdowns; nobody else in franchise history has more than two.

Today, it’s rare to see a fullback running the ball aggressively down the field and delivering hits as hard as they’re receiving them, but when Jim Nance was on the field, he played the part of fullback and power running back well.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Bettis’ 13,662 rushing yards are still good for sixth place of all time. For some reason, the early Buc stars didn't favor numbers in the 20s, and the idea of receivers in the teens didn't come along until the mid-2000s. At 29, Brown retired from the game of NFL football, after having owned every significant rushing record on the books. The only person to wear it for more than two seasons in the first two decades of franchise history was a safety named Craig Curry who made 17 starts as a Buccaneer. It's really more like a 1, but I just wanted to acknowledge once again how good Pittman was. Okoye tallied 4,897 yards and 40 touchdowns on 1,246 carries, Alstott rumbled for 5,088 yards and 58 touchdowns, a grand total of 11,352 yards and 104 touchdowns on the ground, Taylor racked up 8,597 rushing yards, 93 total touchdowns, Bettis rushed for 13,662 yards, 91 touchdowns, and one Super Bowl victory, Earl Campbell led the NFL in rushing his first three seasons­­ with totals of 1,450, 1,697, and 1,934 yards, Motley’s totals include two rushing titles and an absurd 8.2­-yard average during his rookie campaign.

And yes, Jackson has an argument here, particularly because of that MVP award, but Brown's tenure as a Buccaneer was longer and more productive. As far as emotions go, White seems sold on being a Buccaneer.
Next: This power running back was still nimble on his feet. Had Alstott not come along, this would be an easy choice over contenders Gary Anderson and Donnie Elder. White is an unbelievably talented player, proving this fact at the combine and on the field for Louisiana State. There’s a lot of debate when it comes to who the best power running back for Pittsburgh was, and Harris is definitely in the conversation. No one even wore it in a game until 1987 and it had seen action in exactly five games through that year, two of them replacement contests. Scott and Carmen have made their picks and now you can vote on the winner. To be clear, there have been plenty of good number 32s in Buccaneers history, as one would expect from what is clearly one of the all-time best numbers available to running backs. He had eight 1,000-yard seasons in a row and ended his career with 12,120 yards.

That number represents great passion and a love for the game of football. Antoine Winfield, Jr. is inheriting 31 from Whitehead and could make a quick run at the top of this list.

Pittman would have a strong argument at many other 30 numbers but he can't unseat Wilder, who is the team's all-time leader with 5,957 rushing yards. He had three interceptions during his first defensive cameo and was particularly hot down the stretch in 2016 with four picks, several of which were of the game-clinching variety. He played all eleven years of his career with the Bucs and was a Super Bowl winner, a First Team All-Pro selection three times, and was elected to the Pro Bowl 6 times. All data courtesy of Pro Football Reference.

As a Buccaneer, Alstott recorded six consecutive Pro Bowl appearances between 1997 and 2002 and took home the Lombardi Trophy after Super Bowl XXXVII. But the 30s (and next week the 40s) are here to even things up a little bit. Okoye retired from football at 31 after cementing his feared status as a power runner and Tecmo Football video game legend.

This one wasn't easy; Brown has had to weather number-34 challenges from the likes of Tate, Cobb, Jackson, Graham and Charles Sims. And he had seven 1,000-yard seasons five times in a row, which makes up for his career stall at 31 years old.

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Mike Alstott, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images).

The hope is that this year’s first round pick has the capacity to leave a similar impression on the Bucs organization. Mike Alstott has left a legacy that is hard to follow, but not unattainable. Next: He wasn’t into football at first — but then, he excelled. As a comparison, Chris Godwin already has 20 AV through his first three seasons. Mayhew was part of the first class of true free agents for the Buccaneers, and he's overshadowed in that regard by fellow 1993 newcomer Hardy Nickerson but he gave the franchise four years of starting at cornerback, opening 59 games from 1993-96. Doing this 20 times a night left a trail of dead grass that Mrs. Alstott overlooked. Bleacher Report says it was during this two-year stretch that he posted 2,600 yards even though he only started 14 games. Jordan Whitehead, the most recent 31, is seriously a consideration here after just two years, but he has moved to 33 so forget that. His 407 carries in '84 were briefly an NFL record and he also caught 85 passes for another 685 yards. White even proudly told Deion Sanders that he is bringing all of his horses with him to Tampa. Taken together, Jim Taylor and Paul Hornung made up the thunder and lightning combination at Green Bay.'s Scott Smith takes a look at the best player in Buccaneers history to wear uniform numbers 21-30.

Behind a workhorse back, dominant teams can move the chains, eat up the clock, and psychologically beat the opposition into submission. A patient runner, Bettis combined his vision and pitter ­patter feet to dance behind the line of scrimmage, break tackles at the point of attack, and power his way deep into the opposing secondary.

Here's where we start to pay tribute to the pillars of the Buccaneers' first great defense, which ranked first in the NFL in 1979 and led the franchise to the NFC Championship Game in just its fourth season. Been 40 all my life. Gotta have it.” (via @Bucs_Nation). Mayhew had tallied 13 interceptions over his previous three seasons with Washington, and while he didn't quite match that production in Tampa he did secure eight picks from 1994-96, including five in 1995. The 36 jersey seems to have become more popular in the past decade, being chosen every year except 2014 by mostly defensive backs, including Danny Gorrer, D.J. Jameel Cook couldn't get 43 back in his second stint with the team because Elbert Mack had it in 2008, so he ended up in 33 for one season. As a power runner, Taylor’s 1960s-era production was second only to the great Jim Brown. It is highly recommended that you use the latest versions of a supported browser in order to receive an optimal viewing experience. Cotney played one year in Houston before coming to Tampa and holding a starting role for most of the next eight seasons. To wear a number like this builds expectations, but White is ready to live up to them. Next: This running back in the ’60s was incredibly consistent. His speed and athleticism will surely make the loss of former linebacker Kwon Alexander significantly easier to bear. Over 158 games in his career Alstott rushed for 5,088 yards and had 2,284 receiving yards, not to mention 71 total touchdowns. Tampa Bay Buccaneers news from FanSided Daily, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3 offensive line targets still on the board, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Sounds like another cornerback is coming soon, Buccaneers 2017 NFL Draft Profile: WR Mike Williams, What Tampa Bay Buccaneers should expect from Antonio Brown signing, Buccaneers: NFL saved Raiders from being embarrassed & humiliated nationally, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tom Brady’s position in the MVP race, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Raiders more dangerous than they seem, Tom Brady has no excuse to not be successful in Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay Buccaneers select defensive tackle Terry Beckner, Nikola Jokic Triple-Doubles as Nuggets Beat Spurs in Game 7, Advance to Round 2, Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Bowling Green wide receiver Scott Miller, Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Utah kicker Matt Gay, Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Iowa EDGE Anthony Nelson. In addition to his play, Devin White is an easy player to love based purely on his personality and demeanor.

With White on the team, the legacy of number 40 has the chance to live on for the Buccaneers for years to come, on the back of yet another great man both on an off the field.