read more », Copyright © 2020 Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP. Carolina Sheriffs Department, FBI, Pentagon, NSA, NATO, UN, Law360 may contact you in your professional capacity with information about our other products, services and events that we believe may be of interest.You’ll be able to update your communication preferences via the unsubscribe link provided within our communications.We take your privacy seriously. “We have made millions off you” Lockheed clearly did not play well with Rabinowitz after he filed suit and raised the issue with the company, as he will get a payment since the company retaliated against him “for reporting the problem to his employer,” the law firm’s statement says. What is the typical process for a whistleblower case? Hoping to find a means of escape from the unending verbal and visual tortures so joyfully carried out, always remembering to remind me of how much they

This organized system of unauthorized subjections, verbal and visual, has succeeded in their intent to influence my natural successes, behavioral outcome and natural growth, by way of the extreme high risk violations they are willing to take, and impose upon me, keeping/holding (trapping me) in their ‘storyline’ or ‘theme’, of strict and oppressive confusion, mental and physical pain and anguish, thus suffering, resulting in my ongoing servitude to their self-made claims of huge successes that include a Bay Area wide, and World wide claim. “I HATE HER” I was proven correct by the DHS IG, a congressional committee and the press. “This game is over, lisa” Maybe he would lose his job. Flash Drives/ USB /Card Readers/ External memory, times 5 years $5,000 New Security Operations Lockheed Whistleblower Reveals National Security Violations, Treason, and Public Safety Endangerment via Electronic Weapons Simulation & Experimentation Programs from Orlando US Army Base. CA.

Soon after the USCG took over the program from the contractors. Lockheed Martin, which already settled one whistleblower suit at Stennis Space Center for $2 million, hit with another July 4, 2017 by tomaswell As recently as 2015, Lockheed Martin LOCKHEED MARTIN , with $36.2 billion in contracts, was the single largest Pentagon contractor, more than double Boeing’s $16.6 billion. Xxxx Santa Fe, Albany CA. I’m so proud of you!” The extremity in these actions are the reason I am not raising my daughters, although I have full custody of all three. (c) 1, MISCELLANEOUS CIVIL PETITION: other
other judicial review (39)
Xxxx Ramona, Albany CA.

Already a subscriber? (c)/TM infringements equaling $1/violation/day amounting in aprox. Prior results do not guarantee a similar result. My friend and US Army Ranger, Justin Pitts, was I rose to the rank of Major which is also the Assistant Chief ofPolice. “She does everything I tell her to” Undue Psychological and Social Influence CA Penal Code 273d PC rules of court 3.400-3.403)
ENVIRONMENTAL/TOXIC TORT (30). Xxxx Santa Fe, Albany CA. Civil Code Section 1585-1590

The defendants have proven the skills of mastery in the art of intentional infliction of confusion, emotional distress, outrageous conduct, strange and unusual tortuous acts, undue influence, involuntary servitude, keeping me unduly enslaved and influenced, for their personal agendas of entertainment for profit. have it’s current programs reviewed for security clearance and “Yes, you can keep her” What was his motivation and what was he thinking? “I’m not going to prison for this little tweek”

1708.a. “I think its time you know”

“We have made millions off of you” It is a well known fact that Parkinson’s patience need to maintain a clear floor, with non-movement or droppings of say, a napkin to a piece of toast crust, in order to maintain equilibrium, thus allowing safe movement by way of walk, without distraction or concern. To finish something I start.

“Stop drinking” A $5 million settlement is better than nothing, but for a company that makes over $45 billion per year, it may not be enough of a deterrent. The ability to throw off my momentum at crucial times, has lead to ideas remaining undeveloped, and goals unachieved. Involuntary servitude “After she has taken a hit” “Come here son, its okay…try to hit her again in a few minutes” Setting Up To Fail “You broke your computer”
The anxiety, panic, self defense and flood of helplessness imposed, overwhelms me to the point of not being able to breath, throwing up, and not being able to make it out the door to work. 1708 Civil Code Sec. myself. That lauded integrity is apparently very selective. Prime Healthcare Services has asked a federal court to exclude certain evidence used by the Department of Justice in a lawsuit alleging the Ontario, Calif.-based hospital chain violated the False Claims Act. Their sociopathic purposeful efforts unfairly established in me, by way of 24-7 commitment, carried out in shifts, and stated as a paying “job”, have concluded with a ‘training’ of reactions in me, in what I did not have reactions to prior. “We live around the world” “You should see what you look like to everyone” Of the five years I have been targeted, one and a half years were spent in a residential drug treatment program in Berkeley, CA. Illicit Military Experimentation and Weapons-Tests Targets Individuals. (a) Advanced Knowledge

If not lauded for taking on Lockheed. “Let’s take everything she has” “She doesn’t know what we do” Discrediting “So we can torture her all night” Is the US Department of Justice Secretly Permitting Local Law Enforcement & the Military to Assault American Citizens Using Covert Directed-Energy “Non-Lethal” Weapons? To make me and my family whole for the lost career, multiple moves and the bankruptcy?
Posted August 6, 2012 by John Chapman. 4 Owner xxxxx soldiers there have been located by violating their security

Accessing/Using computer without permission

violations against our National Security and abuse to security second Memorandum to President Trump by this writer, and endorsed by NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart, Security Operations and Lockheed whistleblower, Once Again, A Memo to President Trump: Massive Surveillance State Abuses | Treason on the Ground, in the USA: Public-Private Partners in Targeted Killing of Americans |, Memorandum to President Donald J. Trump on Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover of Surveillance |, Community Notice: Notice of Crimes Against Humanity/Patriot Act Crimes, World Notice: Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy & Neuro/Bio Weapons, Public Notice: The Remote Access of Human Beings is a Crime Against Humanity, PUBLIC NOTICE & DECLARATION OF NON-CONSENT, Protection Rackets & Containment Operations: Libel, Slander, False-Narratives, False-Reality-Constructs, Smear Campaigns & Serious Defamation, Effects of Media Pretence and Lies/Fourth of July Thread, Suzie Dawson and #Unity4J: Legitimate Questions, Unrevealed Allegiances, and the Public Media Ignoring of Deadly EMF/Neuro DEW Targeting, Failure-To-Report-Crime & False-Reality-Construct | #Media POPPCon | 60 Minutes/CBS/Sep 1, 2019, Failure-To-Report-Crime | The Chicago Sun-Times Debacle: Neil Steinberg, Ella Free, David LaPorte, Ph.D, Subscribe to support Ramola D Reports at Patreon, Breaking News: :Russell-Jay: Gould Announces He is Coming Forward as Postmaster-General-of-the-World, Commander-in-Chief, & Chief-Judge-of-the-Supreme-Court, in Correctness, This 2020 Election, How to Detox/Get Rid of the Nanotechnology From Chem Trails in Your Body & Cleanse Your Pineal Gland, World Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy & Neuro/Bio Weapons, BREAKING: Major Investigative Report by Association of French Reserve Army Officers Finds COVID-19 "Pandemic" to Have a Hidden Agenda for Global Totalitarianism, Nanotech Chipping of All, 5G Irradiation, & Genocide, New Global-Quantum-Banking-Construct with Postmaster-General-of-the-World :Russell-Jay: Gould Offers Way Forward for Freedom from Fascist Govt. “She likes the attention” “She doesn’t even care what we do to her daughters” online privacy act (COPPA). Though lobbying is generally legal, lobbying with taxpayer dollars is not. Lockheed Settles Whistleblower Suit Over F-22 Work. “We are going to kill your mother” I don’t doubt the essence of this report — but I do doubt whether the radio frequency weapon war crimes being committed against U.S. citizens such as I are emanating from just one location. It has a responsibility to act with integrity and to put at least as much effort into the lawful use of taxpayer funding as it does into innovation. My experience and reporting points to a much more widespread “program” run out of multiple command centers of prime military contractor Lockheed Martin. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Penal Code 646.9 PC [RESERVED] REQUEST OF SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES. A $5 million settlement is better than nothing, but for a company that makes over $45 billion per year, it may not be enough of a deterrent.

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