It is hard to get sufficient wrenching action on the collet top to pull bullets, and the collets are pricey. Two or three impacts should pull most bullets. Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller Marteau à Inertie. I have a RCBS collet puller, an inertia puller and a grip and pull, the grip and pull beats them all for speed and damage to the bullet. Then clamp onto the bullet with an ER collet held in a ER 16 or ER 20 3/4" straight shank holder mounted in the spindle with the appropriate R8 collet (3/4" in this case). As others have said, I much prefer the collet puller. Nous n'avons aucun contrôle sur le processus employé par les réseaux sociaux pour collecter des informations relatives à votre navigation sur notre site et associées aux données personnelles dont ils disposent. A forum community dedicated to Sport shooters, owners and enthusiasts.

23,99 €, Promotion Much better than an inertia puller BUT on some loads I still use the inertia puller to "start" the bullet to move which make the collet puller much easier and no damage to sides of bullet. I was thinking of scrapping the idea and buying a Grip-N-Pull puller, but the reviews weren't impressive. I simply take the die out of my RCBS press, put the cartridge in the holder and lower the lever to push the cartridge up through the threaded hole for the die. I've never seen a collet puller so I'm curious, does the collet clamp down on the tapered portion of the bullet? You must log in or register to reply here. Put the O ring and holder together in the top of the unit first. Sunday at 9:28 AM #5 D. demarpaint Well-Known Member.

Le site Web ne peut pas fonctionner correctement sans ces cookies. Are there any real dangers of primers going off when using a kinetic bullet puller?

I want to pull the bullets off some surplus & lower the powder charge.. I have an inetia, RCBS , and a Grip n Pull. Maybe I should try that. Joined Apr 18, 2013 Messages 208. LRH Team Member. wife cant see consistently through th scope. It appears that part of the problem might be using heavy hammer (puller) blows to dislodge the bullet. Three or four light taps and the bullet is out. The infrequent use that my impact puller gets, I always use the case holder that came with the puller. I'm no expert by any means bur it sounds to me the the shell shifted in the shell holder allowing theprimer to come into contact with the metal of the shell holder. I use a ER 32 square holding block in the milling vice to hold the shell holder. Le réseau social est susceptible de vous identifier grâce à ce bouton, même si vous ne l'avez pas utilisé lors de votre consultation de notre site. Poignées & Accessoires Tactiques Fusil de Chasse, Pièces Détachées pour Armes à Poudre Noire, Boites pour Munitions Percussion Annulaire, Systèmes d'Alimentation d'Etuis & Amorces, Bushings, Bagues & Adaptateurs pour Jeux d'Outils, Lubrifiant d'Etuis & Kits de Lubrification, Pièces & Accessoires pour Raccourcisseurs, Outils & Adaptateurs pour Raccourcisseurs Presse, Nettoyeurs de Logement d'Amorce & Trou d'Event, Alésoirs de Logement d'Amorce & Trou d'Event, Lubrifiant d'Etuis et Kits de Lubrification, Solvants & Accessoires Nettoyeur Ultrason, Pièces & Accessoires pour Nettoyeur Rotatif, Ogives & Sabots pour Armes à Poudre Noire, Bagues pour Embases Demontage Rapide & Pivotants, Accessoires pour Coffres Forts & Armoires Fortes, Lampes, Torches, Lampes Frontales & Lanternes, Matériels & Accessoires de Camping & Tentes, Frankford Arsenal Pied à Coulisse 150mm Inox, Lyman Guide Utilisateur Rechargement Cartouches Métalliques, MTM DS-750 Mini Balance Electronique Poudre Rechargement, Frankford Arsenal Kit 3 Collet pour Marteau Inertie, Frankford Arsenal Pile Drive Bullet Puller, Hornady 050095 Tire-Balles Cam Lock Bullet Puller, Hornady 392154 Collet Pour Cam Lock Bullet Puller #1 0.172, Hornady 392155 Collet Pour Cam Lock Bullet Puller #2 .223, Hornady 392156 Collet Pour Cam Lock Bullet Puller #3 .243, Hornady 392157 Collet Pour Cam Lock Bullet Puller #4 .257 / .264, Hornady 392158 Collet Pour Cam Lock Bullet Puller #5 .277, Hornady 392159 Collet Pour Cam Lock Bullet Puller #6 .284, Hornady 392160 Collet Pour Cam Lock Bullet Puller #7 0.308 / 0.312, Hornady 392161 Collet Pour Cam Lock Bullet Puller #8 0.321 / 0.323, Hornady 392162 Collet Pour Cam Lock Bullet Puller #9 0.338 / 0.358, Hornady 392163 Collet Pour Cam Lock Bullet Puller #10 .375, Hornady 392165 Collet Pour Cam Lock Bullet Puller #12 0.430, Hornady 392166 Collet Pour Cam Lock Bullet Puller #13 0.451 / 0.458, Lyman Collet Large pour Marteau Inertie Magnum, Lyman Collet Small pour Marteau Inertie Magnum, Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller Marteau à Inertie, RCBS Bullet Puller Collet .22 Cal .223 / .224, RCBS Tire Balle Standard Bullet Puller sans Collet, Smartreloader Kit 3 Collet pour Marteau Inertie.

Sometimes just getting the bullet to "break" the neck tension helps a lot when . I always use the holder that came with the hammer puller, If a shell holder could be used, i am sure the Company MFR would of suggested it, If it was not a Danger to the user etc. ER collets held in a milling machine work amazingly well at pulling bullets without marring them if you already have the tooling laying around.

I'd like to find something that is faster and easier. I have a grip n pull and to be honest I hate it. Inertia bullet pullers are cheap to manufacturer and represent a good profit margin to sellers. I have an intertia puller, but like the collet pullers. As far as damage to the bullet tips...I glued a small piece of rubber to the bottom of the portion that catches the bullet when I whack it and I get a bullet with no damage to the tip. Discussion in 'Reloading' started by pwinter, Jun 17, 2020. JavaScript is disabled. I seem to recall it was fairly inexpensive. Ce type de bouton applicatif peut permettre au réseau social concerné de suivre votre navigation sur notre site, du seul fait que votre compte au réseau social était activé sur votre terminal (session ouverte) durant votre navigation sur notre site. I have found that a one inch thick block of steel, two inches wide and four inches long works wonders as an impact surface.