Tornadoes can launch smokestack-like "chimney plumes" of such debris tens of thousands of feet skyward. Observers here gazed almost directly upward at the funnel. and at Purdue University. NOTE: All images found in FAQ pages on this site must be public domain and Multivortex (a.k.a. But tornadoes usually happen for a short period of time. BACK UP TO THE TOP, What is a "significant" tornado? The biggest name, however, is probably the late T. Theodore "Ted" out from NSSL across the Oklahoma plains in 1972; but their greatest are reinforced small rooms built in the interior of a home, fortified by concrete and/or steel tornado researchers? But "landspouts" are tornadoes by definition; and they are capable of doing significant damage and killing people. In the Enhanced F scale, there are different, customized standards for assigning any given F rating to a well built, well anchored wood-frame house compared to a garage, school, skyscraper, unanchored house, barn, factory, utility pole or other type of structure. Many thunderstorms produce dust plumes in their outflow; rotate as a supercell or line-embedded circulation, then produce tornadoes. Still, you should escape at right angles to its track: to your right Tornado wind speeds are still largely unknown; and the wind speeds on the original F scale BACK UP TO THE TOP, Will historical tornadoes be assigned Enhanced F-scale ratings? Sometimes a tornado produces a loud whooshing sound, similar to a waterfall, or the noise of open car Different winds may be needed to cause the same damage depending on how well-built a structure is, wind direction, wind duration, they are harder to detect on Doppler radar, and more difficult to warn for.

Public-domain videos of tornado and other severe-storm footage are difficult to find, but here are some: NSSL Union City movie film. Is it a kind of multivortex tornado? Most of this year's information is preliminary and may change when the final storm summaries are sent to and are strong enough to carry lightweight objects tens of thousands

For digital online photos, many tornado-related websites display images; Building codes vary greatly across the country, not only from state to state but even from place to place in one county. What Causes Tornadoes?

BACK UP TO THE TOP, What single month had the most tornadoes? Caution: cell-phone warnings cannot work if the phone system is disabled, and might fail or be delayed if the network is overloaded (as can happen during a major storm or other disaster). In conversations with emergency managers and spotter coordinators, I have found that the two most common reasons for a lack of sirens are low budgets and the misconception that tornadoes cannot happen in an area. So-called "landspouts" resemble waterspouts in that way, and also in their typically small size and weakness compared to the most intense supercell-spawned tornadoes. to be alert, and to be prepared to go to safe shelter if tornadoes do happen or a warning is issued.

be injured by flying glass trying to do it.