Babli takes Raj for a surprise. Amba says history will repeat itself, you fooled my daughter and married her, I will write history today, last time Bajwas lost their young son, this time I will shoot you, you used my daughter for enmity, today my daughter will not get sacrificed. She Has Acted In Various TV Shows Such As Vrushali In Suryaputa Karn.

She asks him to go. Chandar goes to Mannu(Farnaz Shetty). Amba thinks to find Simran and save her. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says I will not marry Raj till you give a chance to Rohan. She asks him to leave Amrit, the fight is between them. Raj asks are you scared. Simran says I m here and comes. Raavi asks why are you worried, won’t you tell me, is there anything about Rohan.

She sends Raj(Neel Motwani). She agrees.

She gets flashes and shouts. Pandit asks them to take vows. Simran aims gun at her head. Simran forwards hand. Chandar says I have filled many bullets in gun.

Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Farnaz Shetty boyu?

Raj says if you love her, you will make a last try to convince her, else I promise I will not marry Mannu(Farnaz Shetty). Rohan says no, I understand, I m ready to leave her for her happiness, is this not love. Raj(Neel Motwani) goes and thinks Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) shall wait for his return.

Pandit asks them to call groom and bride.

She says I know Pavaniyas and Bajwas’ enmity is strong, but Charan wanted this enmity to end, Raj did a lot for us, we should accept him. He says its tough for you, try to understand, at least do a drama in front of Mannu(Farnaz Shetty), her marriage should happen. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Amba asks her to think if Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) will get a better guy than Raj. She is Unmarried.Her Affairs/ rumors with Neel Motwani(Actor).Her Favourite Actor is Shah Rukh Khan and Favourite Actress is Aishwarya.Favorite colors, She like is Black and Red.Her Favourite destination is Goa.An Interesting thing about her is that She loves painting. He goes to get Rohan. She says its big responsibility, Raj and Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) have ended the enmity between Bajwas and Pavaniyas, you have become Shah, you have to manage this responsibility, you have to take care of this pind, you are the Waaris of entire pind. She says dad will be very happy today. And my clause in the contract would include her to wear her Avenger costume whenever we go out (Laughs).

The girl comes to Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) and tells about obeying Chandar. The girls see Chandar fine. Chandar comes and thinks why is this window open.

Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) touches Amba’s feet.

He goes. He asks them not to take any step towards Mannu(Farnaz Shetty).

Her Educational Qualification is Graduate. He asks are they mad to kill him.

He says you kept a metal coin, which you moved by a magnet, I didn’t expect this with Mannu(Farnaz Shetty). He smiles.

She says if you don’t get quiet, I will not attend your marriage. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says why will Simran take care of Rohan. They cry. She thinks of Mannu(Farnaz Shetty)’s words. The mystery behind shoes hanging around Salman Khan’s neck in Tubelight poster – read exclusive details.

He gets up on his own. She leaves. Farnaz had at least 1 relationship in the past. They cry. At the panchayat office, Amba recalls Raj’s words and worries. #balikavadhu #ikimizinyerine de kancan karakterini canlandıran oyuncu #farnazshetty kimdir? A girl helps her and tells about Ram leela grounds.

Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) worries thinking Raj(Neel Motwani) didn’t come till now, will Simran be fine. Shubhangi Atre, Angoori Bhabhi of &TV’s Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par HaiIf I was given the chance to get into a contract marriage, I would like to do so with the heartthrob of Bollywood Salman Khan.

sarpanch asking Amba to come.

[Finale] The heir Update Wednesday 20th November 2019 Zee World, The heir Update Tuesday 19th November 2019 Zee World, King of hearts update Saturday 16th November 2019, Zee World, Made for each other 21st October 2020 Written update, Made for each other 27th October 2020 Star life Written update, Made for each other 26th October 2020 Star life Written update, JIJI MAA ON ADOM TV UPDATE TUESDAY 27TH OCTOBER 2020, YOUNG LOVE UPDATE 26TH – 27TH OCTOBER 2020 ON GLOW TV, Friday Update On Mehek 23rd August 2019 Zee World, Sunday Update On Mehek 25th August 2019 Zee World, Thursday Update On Mehek 22nd August 2019 Zee World, Family Affairs update Wednesday 20 November 2019 Starlife, Deception update Wednesday 12th February 2020. They sign on the marriage register and get legally married too.

She says Chandar trapped Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) and Sarpanch ji, police arrested him, he accepted that he framed Mannu(Farnaz Shetty).

Farnaz Shetty becomes Kangna Ranawat in Waaris.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) says I think someone has shot Chandar. Mannu(Farnaz Shetty) comes for marriage and gets shocked seeing some other pandit. Raj(Neel Motwani) falls down.