The 1969 IW Festival featured WEM gear including The Who’s own collection, combining to produce a 2,500 watt output. Man in a white suit: Bob Dylan plays the Isle of Wight, August 31, 1969. Finally, festival co-organiser Ashley Hutchings took to the stage himself with his own specially-formed band Dylancentric. Jimi Hendrix during his headlining set at the Isle of Wight, 1970. The Doors - 1970-08-29 - Isle Of Wight Festival (SBD), The Doors 1970 Isle Of Wight Festival @ 256, [FLAC] The Doors - 1970.08.30 - The Isle Of Wight Festival, England, Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread: 1. Bookings are available up until Monday September 7, or until limit has been reached. The size of the preceding year’s festival led locals who opposed the gathering to force the 1970 event to be held on a different site, on the West of the island, at Afton Down. For many, Harris provided the soundtrack to a rock generation. Matthews, of course, had great commercial success in 1970 with his band, Matthews Southern Comfort, with the hit single Woodstock, written by fellow 1970 IoW veteran Joni Mitchell. All links seem to my MIA. It included references to a “hard ‘n tuff old folks who live there” and described Echo as “sweet as celandine flower” - a buttercup-like bloom. We will confirm the dates as soon as we possibly can. The first tranche of Earlybird tickets for the Experience 1970 weekend are now released for sale (see panel above). Now John Lodge’s ‘10,000 Light Years Band’ will bridge the decades to perform his ‘Classic Moody Blues Hits and More’ show at East Afton Farm. Lodge explained: “I found it a kid of magical thing because there was definitely something in the air when you have that many people together.

It was entitled ‘ECHO OF THE NORTH COUNTRY’ and the subject matter was Dylan’s teenage sweetheart Echo Helstrom, clearly the girl who inspired the song Girl From the North Country, written after Dylan’s first visit to England in 1962. In addition, Dick Taylor, fromthe original Rolling Stones, who appeared at the IoW in 1968 and 69with The Pretty Things, is returning – as is the wonderfullycolourful Arthur Brown, from the 1968 festival. The weekend of Saturday, August 31, was exactly 50 years since the ground-breaking 2nd Isle of Wight Festival of Music when Bob Dylan, The Band, The Who, The Moody Blues, Free, Joe Cocker, Julie Felix et al drew 150,000 fans to Woodside Bay on the east coast of the Island...the biggest festival ever in the UK at that time. Picture: Doug Haywood. John Lodge at the 1970 IoW Festival of Music with the Moody Blues. The Moodies, of course, also played the 1969 IoW Festival when they headlined and closed the Saturday bill – precisely the slot Lodge & Co will occupy at EXPERIENCE 1970 in September. Is there any way to get the ins part of this re upped?

He was brilliant.”. Photo: Steve Collins. FRESH from the success of Million Dollar Bash, the one-day celebration to honour the 1969 IoW ‘Bob Dylan’ Festival, organisers All Wight Now are delighted to announce Experience 1970, a two-day event to mark the ‘Last Great Event’, the historic 1970 IoW Festival..

All the big events of the late 60s and early 70s featured WEM amplification, including The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park, the 1969 “Dylan” IW Festival and the remarkable 1970 Island event when the crowd was estimated at anything between 400,000 and 600,000 strong.

Dylan had been recovering from a debilitating motorbike accident in 1966 and had been living in the Catskill mountains, not far from Woodstock. The U.K.’s answer to these gatherings was the Isle Of Wight festival, originally held from 1968-1970, the last of which was such a huge event — attracting more than 600,000 people by some estimates — that it arguably became a victim of its own success. Behind the scenes all the same artists that were billed for Sept 2020 have been rebooked for the same days in Sept 2021.

Northwood showground was the venue - a large, windswept field with a few marquees. Thanks tjkrol. And MOODY BLUES’ legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee John Lodge is returning to the Isle of Wight – 50years after the Moodies triumphant appearance at the legendary 1970 festival – to headline the EXPERIENCE1970 golden anniversary event. The first event, held on August 31 and September 1, 1968, featured the American psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane as headliners, with support from Arthur Brown, Fairport Convention, and others. Ferry good show: heading for the IoW Festival back in 1970. The Isle of Wight Festival 1970 was held between 26 and 31 August 1970 at Afton Down, an area on the western side of the Isle of Wight.It was the last of three consecutive music festivals to take place on the island between 1968 and 1970 and widely acknowledged as the largest musical event of its time, greater than the attendance of Woodstock.

The main stage was a curiously long and thin tent with a replica of the 1969 stage at the far end. And Chris Hewitt has followed up their signing with two more artists from the original IoW festivals. BED & BREAKFAST: The Albion Hotel, Freshwater Bay 01983 755765;  Buttercup House, Camp Road,Freshwater 01983 752772; The Bay, Guyers Road, Freshwater 01983 641143; The Hermitage, Cliff Road, Totland  01983 752518; Sentry Mead, Totland 01983 753212; The Hoo, Totland 01983 753592; Weston Manor Farm, Weston, Freshwater 01983 755754; Whitefield, Totland 01983 752041; Stroud House, Stroud Road, Freshwater 07817 705868; Ruskin Lodge, Freshwater 01983 756604; Rockstone Cottage, Colwell Chine,Freshwater 01983 753723; Chart House, Madeira Road, Totland 01983 755193; Pen-Y-Bryn, Greystones Lane,Freshwater 01983 756644; Kings Manor, Freshwater 01983 756050; Tollgate Cottages, Wilmingham Lane, Afton  01983 756535; Little Bassett, Totland 01983 759676; HF Holidays, Freshwater Bay 01983 753854;  Medlars Halletts, Shute, Yarmouth 01983 761541; Jireh House, The Square, Yarmouth 01983 760513.

It was a strange three days...we went on atsunset, which is also a magical time, and we played ‘Sunset’. I am a Moody Blue, I always will be and the fans and I have travelled this road a long time so I hope they will continue with me as we keep the Moodies’ music alive.”. In spite of this, a sustained campaign from wealthy locals, paired with huge organizational challenges, resulted in the festival ending as a financial failure, failing to turn a profit, and being declared a free event. A surprising show came from original 1969 performer Julie Felix on the acoustic stage.

En raison des difficultés financières rencontrées durant l’événement, ce festival est le dernier organisé sur l'île de Wight, avant de renaître bien des années plus tard, en 2002, soit trente-deux ans après la dernière édition. They revved it up with a more American sound, less folk and more rock; and Free's iconic song All Right Now got the whole tent on their feet. Advice from the both the local Island and national authorities left the organisers in no doubt that an authentic festival celebration of the 1970 original could not take place this year.

The EXPERIENCE 1970 bill is really taking shape with an impressive list of original 1970 performers returning, supported by some top class tribute acts set to recreate the sounds of many of the other original performers,including the late greats Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison of The Doors, plus The Who, Emerson Lake and Palmer and Free. CHRIS Hewitt should right now (AUGUST 2020) be standing in the legendary Isle of Wight Festival field at East Afton Farm putting the final preparations in place for EXPERIENCE 1970, the three-day celebration to honour the 50th anniversary of the ‘Last Great Event’….Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Who and all that. If original member Andy Powell couldn't quite hit the high notes he could in 1969 it's hardly surprising - but if you think there's any compromise on those wailing guitar solos that we had all heard on scratched vinyl so often you'd be wrong. Thank you for sharing EDGE. Many of the crowd had been waiting just for this performance, and it was warmly received. Photo: Dave Cramp. “It will be great to have them back and they will be a must-see act for the fans on the opening evening of the EXPERIENCE1970 weekend.”.

Introduction - 0:18 02. Click the button, above, to secure your copy at a special Million Dollar Bash price. During the late 1960s and early 70s, the high points of the counterculture in the U.S. were marked by large gatherings, first at the “Human Be-in’s” in San Fransisco during 1967 and later at music festivals like Woodstock in upstate New York in 1969. 1970.Evening Standard/Getty Images, An attendee relaxes at the 1970 festival. Hutchings read out the poem to a hushed gathering.

November 5, 2017 The powerful acoustic songs had a dark immediacy that had lost nothing in fifty years.

William Lovelace/Getty Images, Fans enjoy the music at the 1969 Isle of Wight Festival.Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images, Rock guitar legend Jimi Hendrix plays onstage during his performance at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival.

The band’s 1970 Island performance was lauded by Melody Maker as making them ‘one of the most popular and successful bands of the festival’ and the NME reckoned ‘the group had rarely played better’. to mark the anniversary with a celebratory weekend fest. McCarthy/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images, Attendees dance during the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival.

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