Aggravated Assault. A 26-year-old male was the victim of Aggravated Assault at the 6300 block of W Sample Rd/Terrapin Ln on 10/15/2020.

“She was so kind, and gentle but sassy. A 38-year-old female was the victim of Battery Intentionally Strike/touch Another Person Angst Will at the 4000 block of NW 120th Ave on 10/15/2020. Vangine, My Darling (B F, 43), was arrested on charges of Shoplifting/Petit Theft at 9129 W Atlantic Blvd, Coral Springs, on 10/16/2020. Tabares was shot dead early Saturday morning after a movie and drinks with Training for Warriors Coral Springs gym friends. An 81-year-old female was the victim of  Elderly Neglect at the 8700 block of Shadow Wood Blvd on 10/14/2020. Serrano initially told a 911 dispatcher that she did not know the identity of the dead person in the driveway and that she just discovered her as she walked outside to go to the gym. “I was so proud of the wonderful young woman that she became. An unnamed child was the victim of Child Neglect at the 9600 block of Royal Palm Blvd on 10/14/2020. Not as many as we would like. A 34-year-old male was the victim of Burglary Residence – Non-forced on  Turtle Run Blvd reported on 10/20/2020. Log in - Prosecutors showed at trial how public money advanced to the Gows was used to pay personal bills.

A 37-year-old female was the victim of Domestic Battery/touch Another Person Angst Will at the 3700 block of N University Dr on 10/18/2020. When she first came to the gym, she was a 17-year-old, shy, high school student. Surveillance video shows Tabares hugging people as she left the bar with Serrano at 1:30 a.m. Serrano, 51, is currently being held in a Broward County detention center without bail on charges of second-degree murder and tampering with evidence. A Bonita Springs woman serving a 10-year sentence in federal prison for stealing nearly $5 million from Lee County in the VR Labs scandal continues to press an appeals court to set her free. I love this girl and cannot imagine [Training for Warriors] without her.

Walmart was a victim of Petit Theft – All Other at 3801 Turtle Creek Dr on 10/14/2020. It was a very emotional tribute, said Rick Davies, a lead trainer at the gym his family owns and operates. Gorgone, Ashley M. (W F, 36) was arrested on charges of False Ownership Information For Pawned Items at 10029 Nw 11th Mnr, Coral Springs 10/15/2020.

They have matching rose tattoos and they loved spending Saturday nights watching “The Office.” Mora and Tabares’s other friends also indulged in another of Tabares’s passions: watching true crime stories and listening to true crime podcasts. How to confidentially report voting issues to our journalists, Florida is on the verge of a COVID-19 resurgence, Hyde: The Patriots dynasty is dead — please pass the popcorn | Commentary. Rick Davies said in the days since Tabares’s killing many at the gym have been sharing their own stories, such as how Tabares would get down on the floor right next to those struggling to finish their exercises — and how she’d encourage them, while exercising herself, to push through the pain. Police found Daniela Tabares dead in the driveway of a friend from the gym on Nov. 23. in Coral Springs. “From the moment I met Daniela, I loved her,” he said.

A 35-year-old female was the victim of Domestic Battery/touch Another Person Angst Will at the 12000 block of W Sample Rd on 10/18/2020.