Remember James Reynolds from the Cancer Fund of America (number 1 on our list, if you need a refresh). *Third, they need to assess the charity’s ability to deliver social value (a sustained change for the better for the people and communities who receive services). A deplorable 90% of the charity’s donations end up being claimed as fundraising expenses, leaving just 10% to go where it should be. As Smarter Giving notes, what is actually supports is the bank balances of its chief executives. Simply put, Charity Navigator is a remarkable organization does a lot with a little. The only potential negative was that, being so small, I didn't perceive a lot of room for advancement for a career-minded person, but I absolutely enjoyed working there. View all news . Another ideological left group masquerading as a charity monitor. To find more information about reviews and trust on please visit. Considering the current damage in Florida, I was very surprised someone could not use a used car. 299 Market Street Suite 250 This is a wonderful website for those of us who want... Should i donate to wounded warrior project? 04/21/2010. And, you should know that the review data does not have any impact on our star ratings. Next up we have Vietnow National Headquarters. Since becoming aware of the log in problems, we have consulted with GreatNonprofits’ technology folks. We also show if there are other staffers making interesting salaries (such as family or someone making more than the CEO) and if the CEO is getting additional compensation from affiliated organizations. I hope this issue is resolved soon. Philanthropy, I observed that whenever the phone would ring someone immediately picked it up and would help the caller with their question(be it another charity wondering about their rating or the general public.) Cancer Fund of America is just one of many philanthropic centers run by James T Reynolds and his somewhat crooked family. I’m sorry that you felt we were being anything but 100% transparent about how we rate charities and what is/isn’t part of our system. We simply provide the reviews for interested donors who want to read about other people’s experiences with different charities. There is absolutely no way for their formula measure this and there is nowhere on my charity's "grade page" that states the imperfections in the grading system. 10/16/2012, I find it disappointing and at the same time extremely surprising that you void charity gift cards only 6 months after purchase. I was in the office about three days a week and although it's not huge they get a lot of work done. To me, if CEO's and board members are making enough to buy one Ferrari per year, then it does not meet MY requirements . Whether or not a charity receives government funding also has no impact on a charity’s rating. I've been involved with Charity Navigator since its inception, first as its PR counsel and, most recently, as a board member. Please understand that another organization, GreatNonprofits, runs the review tool which appears on many different websites, one of them being Charity Navigator. In fact, only 5 ( of the 18 Catholic Charities we rate report no government support. I was pulled into Charity Navigator by its founders, Pat and Marion Dugan--an extraordinarily generous and visionary couple. When push comes to shove, however, there’s no real evidence of the foundation doing anything of these things. We have recently become aware that a few individuals, such as you, have had problems publishing their reviews. 3 reviews for Charity Navigator, 4.0 stars: 'Before you give your hard-earned money to an organization you should pop their name into this site for a quick overview and rating.