Gamepedia. Respond. Also, if Screamer has been swapped with a Corrosion stack on it, it should die out of combat. And if you’re looking for relevant and super useful info that can help you master this tournament, then you’ve come to the right place! /cry.

This is a weekly pet battle quest that can be obtained from an NPC named Master Li, located in the Timeless Isle. Other rewards are available for Celestial Coins, such as Battle Pet Bandages (25 for 1 Celestial Coin), Marked Flawless Battle-Stones (1 for 3 Celestial Coins) or Pet Treats (1 for 1 Celestial Coin). Led by Emperor Shaohao and featuring notable figures from Pandaren lore, this legendary event demands the utmost from those who participate—and requires a skilled and varied roster of level-25 pets if you have any hope to survive. is cool. I generally use my Anubisath Idol (Crush, Sandstorm, and Deflection) if he is not already dead or otherwise needed. Speaking to Master Li will get you into the Celestial Tournament, where you’ll take on powerful Pet Battle pros like Chen Stormstout, Shademaster Kiryn, and even the imitable Blingtron 4000—and in the end, your skills will be pushed to the limit as you face off against the mighty Celestial Champions.[2]. This is a weekly pet battle quest that can be obtained from an NPC named Master Li , located in the Timeless Isle . Now i just have to decide which pet to get first lol thanks all. If the answer is anything other than Xu-Fu, you're on the wrong site. It was added back in 2012 during early MoP and ever since it’s always been arguably one of …

Failsafe Comes back to life once per battle, returning to 20% health. I'm having the same problem. Very rarely will you ever have to use this backup pet. Although Peddlefeet is not exactly a pet that everyone has, when Love Is In The Air festival comes in WoW, it’s worth to do

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No one can deny the popularity of the superb Celestial Tournament and there’s a good reason for that. Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting. Battle Pet levels are now only shown on the map if you are tracking Battle Pets. Obtain all four of the celestial pets. [b]bold[/b] - [i]italic[/i] - [u]underline[/u]. Funny, I don't have 2 of any of those, and have still used this guide with success 10 times so far (2 coins to go for my final pet).
I think the devs have been upping the Celestials - I find Yu'la is crazy damage, but figured out 3 snails ( lvl 25 acid goo and dive for sure ) take down Chi Chi very effectively. Otherwise prioritize Tornado Punch over Jab, Any Pet - If Yu La casted Emerald Pressence and there is no way to use Dodge, swap to this pet to soak the hit, Sunreaver Micro Sentry - Fel Imolate followed by Call Lightning, then swap to dino, Zandalari Anklerender (or any Zandalari dino) - Black Claw and then Hunting Party, Zandalari Anklerender (or any Zandalari dino) - Hunting Party and the boss is dead. Knowledge): Tornado Punch – Jab – Dodge – Jab – Jab. The "Seen in" row will contain all Opponent and Strategy names the Frog is used for. Do 1-2 more Burns on Nairn until Fel Flame dies. I originally used the Direhorn Runt on this strategy, but after the second week, I was no longer able to put out enough damage to kill Xu-Fu before his Feed came off of cool down.

when are they going to raise the bar on the pets? Au): Renewing Mists – Wish – Surge – Surge – Surge – Surge – Surge (Au should die). i didn't know i would get 2 more coins for first completition, i must have missed that. You must be logged in to vote on comments : annonimous wrote on 04/08/2016 : Noticed something, for turn 2-4 you say to use … Though your defeated pets will remain down, you’ll be able to restart the fight and adjust who’s on your team before giving it another try. Taran Zhu swaps his pets quite often, so in some cases you must improvise. If Screamer didn’t die, it should be thrown into battle once more after Trike dies, and again do Feign Death, and be swapped for Chaos.

With the kind of quality work that you put into this planner, I would love to see what your doing as a dungeon guide. Lil’ Smoky (vs Trike): Toxic Smoke – Missile – Missile – Toxic Smoke – Missile (in case you lose your turn due to Trike’s Horn Attack, insist with Toxic Smoke until you finally get the chance to hit, then continue with Missile. Peddlefeet (vs. Alex): Lovestruck – Shot Trough The Heart. Dragonkin type's passive effect now activates after an attack brings a target's to below 50% health, up from 25%. Players are now able to trade in any 3 of the same family specific Flawless Battle-Stones for a single. Easy. Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. After reloading and sweet talking the planner for a while I got access to the individual strats. (E.g. Kun-Lai Runt (vs. Nairn): Mangle – Thrash – Deep Freeze – change on Fel Flame (before Kiryn changes, as Nairn is still in battle, stunned).
Celestial Tournament Guide. Glad it's not just me. Purity Harmful damage over time effects are reduced by 50% on Aquatic pets. Return to Top Celestial Tournament (9) Use your trinket (if you kept it) for fast transport, otherwise head off the east coast of The Jade Forest to the Timeless Isle. Once zoned into the tournament, you cannot heal your pets.

Same as with a dungeon. Very rarely will you ever have to use this third pet.

I am using chrome (is this the wrong browser?). Xu-Fu now belongs to me. I am so sad, the planner is broken and I have lost my teams from rematch with the new patch. Flayer Youngling (vs. Banks): Rampage – Triple Snap – Triple Snap – Banks should die. You can right click either the dungeon eye on your mini-map, or your character portrait, and select 'Leave Instance'. Hey!

Pterrordax Hatchling (vs. Carpe Diem): Lift Off – Slicing Wind until Carpe Diem dies. This strategy has worked amazingly well for me, but the setup allows zero room for error or misses. I'm liking the new "Three xCelestial Coin for one Marked Flawless Battle-Stone" :) I'll be sure to collect all of these pets!

The Celestial Tournament is a pet battle tournament hosted on the Timeless Isle. In the second stage, you will fight the four legendary elite battle pets: Each battle pet page includes details on its abilities, pets with identical models, a map, cageable/unique details, and a calculator that shows stats based on breed, quality, and level. So overall there are 3 teams consisting of 9 pet battle masters in total and 4 celestials. Unfortunately all the rewards are Battlenet Account Bound, so they cannot be sold to AH (at least not yet). Although it’s not the best combination, it rarely fails. It's nearly as old as Pandaria itself.[1].

Since changing to the Darkmoon Zeppelin, I've had no problems. Sorry for the trouble - best check the strats individually for now, For some reason, even when I updated my pets' collection everywhere here, this planner is still showing I"m missing Darkmoon Tonk, which I have for a long time on lvl 25. There's another new pet they forgot to include here: Rotten Little Helper.

I find the passive buffs particularly interesting, makes their type passive much more important. You can leave and restart the Tournament instance as many times as you want - however, you will lose all progress when you zone out of the Tournament. Tried to access my strategies on both explorer and safari, both browsers return the same screen. Caring for these pets is a sacred honor, so each is account-bound and cannot be traded to other players. (E.g. Losing a battle from time to time will be inevitable, but that’s not the end of the line. I do not have a lot of pets to do these without pets dying and oftening needing that pet for another battle.. log out.. switch toons.. revive/heal.. log back over.. you are where you left off.

Dark Simulacrum has been replaced with a new ability. The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! Kun'Lai Runt, Curious Wolvar Pup, Hoplings, Flayer Youngling, Qiraji Guardling, or any other pet with strong Humanoid attacks (any Dodge-like ability is a great bonus) will suffice. Just to add to this, if you are AFK too long in here, or get DC'd and come back, your "Leave Instance' will be gone. Complete the Celestial Tournament scenario. Huge Toad (vs. River): Water Jet – Water Jet – Water Jet. (1) Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen – The first celestial that you’d encounter and this your battle pet setup: (2) Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji – The second celestial out of four. Peddlefeet (vs. Alex): Lovestruck – (Wrathion will change on Dah’da) – Shot Through The Heart – change on Bonkers . If Mr. Bigglesworth dies for any reason, use Bonkers (Tornado Punch > Jab > Dodge for Lift-Off) until Yu'la is dead. Yen): Bonestorm – Ancient Blessing – Bone Bite – Bonebite – Bonestorm. If Bonkers dies, get Peddlefeet in again, with another Lovestruck and Shot Through the Heart. Pterrordax Hatchling (vs. Spirus): Do Ancient Blessing to heal as 1st attack on Spirus, and Slicing Wind until you break its shield, then Lift-Off once you have broken its shield, if possible. The Celestial Tournament is a pet battle tournament hosted on the Timeless Isle. The fact that this quest remains so popular among pet battle fans today speaks volumes about its appeal. I'm not sure how plausible it is, but I know one of the zandalari pets needed Speed and mine did not have it unfortunately. But can u add pandaren spirit tamers there as well? Damned Undead pets return to life immortal for one round when killed. December 1, 2013 in Farming Guides 1 Comment. Three different teams will be up each week to fight.

Turn Chi-Chi undead, and beat it So, whenever she throws Nairn in, you should put in your Kun-Lai Runt, and when Nairn does Call of Winter, simply cast your Deep Freeze which will stun Nairn. Is that a bug or what? 43 Comments (EN). I love your site and your strategies. Repeat Turn 7 through 10 (Soul Ward, Flash, Light, Pass turn) until Chi-Chi is dead. I use: Clockwork Gnome, Flayer Youngling, Yellow-Bellied Bullfrog. (1) Sully “The Pickle” McLeary. Yen): Curse of Doom – You’ll get stunned – swap to Fossilized Hatchling.

Lol, how i can exit when won to deliver quest? The idea is to make sure you apply Rot before Sen’jin Fetish dies. Anyway, Knowledge shouldn’t be a problem for Bonkers. Pet Bombling: Toxic Smoke – Toxic Smoke – Explode (bombling dies); Amber Moth: Cocoon Strike (this will prevent Xu-Fu from hitting, and healing himself) – Moth Dust – Alpha Strike – Alpha Strike. Bonkers (vs. I always just used Mr. Bigglesworth for Yu'la.

Magic type's passive effect now caps damage taken at 35% of maximum health, up from 40%. There is an NPC that lets you heal inside, but she'll do a yell and reset your progress when you do. The idea is to always block Kiryn’s pet Nairn with the Kun-Lai Runt and make her swap on a different pet.