If the wiring has failed on a boat with the newer style rub rail and external wiring (i.e., post-1972 boat), it should be possible to replace the original wiring by removing the rub rail insert and using the old wiring to act as a pull wire to string the new cable. Every chapter of our history starts with a belief in pushing the limits of what’s possible, including the very first Whaler ever created. Accessories, PWC Parts & Pumps, Livewell Aerator Pumps This is generally seen on lower horsepower installations. "A lot wetter," he said, "than the other boat had been." I interpret this number like this: The "5A" refers to the 15-foot hull, even though it will never show under the rail bases. Now, Shop For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. the repairs. it is entirely possible for hulls to retain large amounts of water The best alternative is to run new wiring, using the rub rail to conceal it. Bilge Pumps, Shop Founder Richard T. Fisher and the iconic 13-foot Boston Whaler were launched into the limelight in 1961 when LIFE Magazine featured photos of Fisher sitting in a boat as it was sawed in half. These holes were often used to mount OMC engines on Boston Whaler boats which have a shallow engine splash well. Marble, Engine These two features, along with great performance and rough weather handling made it very desirable. Fill holes flush to deck level with white Marine-Tex epoxy. Because of the factors mentioned above, the date of sale may precede the model year of the boat by one year or may follow the model year by perhaps a year or more. Asserting ultra reliable construction which includes a claim of being unsinkable, Boston Whaler fiberglass boats have been engineered to float even when cut in half. A third workaround that has been seen is to drill the lower mounting bolt hole on a slight angle so that it exits the transom on the inboard end above the splash well. Also, many newer engine mounting brackets do not contain a blind hole, so this option is not available. [I have updated the hyperlink, for about the fourth time. to this space Thus there is no bilge space on a Unibond hull. Covers, Boat Wiring & outboard face of the transom on the starboard side within two inches A Boston Whaler boat is constructed with a double-bottom hull. Outboards, Shop Be sure to use tinned and stranded wire. are common. especially in fresh water, as rot will occur in the wood, reducing Boat, Boat Buyers Parts, Sacrificial Anodes & Fisher and Hunt then took the boat on sea trials. If the hole is in the transom Any fitting or fastener which mounts into the cockpit floor should also The 15-foot hull began with the prefix 5A; the 11-foot hull with the prefix 4A. laminates, a dot of gel coat about 1-inch in diameter was placed on the hull sides in the approximate location where the Boston Whaler logotype decal would be applied. and procedures for this type of repair are available in another Reference article Portions of the number may have been pre-printed and not embossed, leading to difficulty in interpretation of the number because only the embossed portion remains legible.