I have seen references on the Web that Blood Red Roses originated in New Zealand.

I'm of the blister school myself, though I'm sure that a regularly-employed seaman's hands would be hardened enough to avoid blisters. Roses are England’s national flower. Roses can also mean secrecy or confidentiality. Among those flowers, roses are a favorite flower for many people because of its beauty and its gorgeous looks. The War of the Roses occurred in England between 1455 and 1487 when the house of Lancaster, represented by a red rose, and the house of York, represented by a white rose, competed with each other to rule England. Nice to see the 'uncle' Stan moniker. And here he cites Hog-Eye Man and considering the verses I have heard, rightly too eg: 'O Nellie's in the kitchen punching duff, And the cheeks of her arse go chuff, chuff chuff.' It shows a love that will not change. Those who have been in a relationship for such a long time can still give this kind of red roses to express the great longing and deep passion. When King Theias realized that his daughter had tricked him, he chased her with his sword. Roses, depending on the color, are used to represent different levels of love. Red roses symbolize love and romance and are the perfect Valentine’s Day rose. If you've got different words that would account for it. The Fool, the Magician, the Strength card, and the Death card. We will discuss about the meaning of dark red rose here.

As we know, numbers of roses can have different message and 12 is a popular number, the most popular one. This number delivers a message to say “I love you” and ask someone to be yours. 'Course I am no expert either, I'm just an unfrozen caveman. The "Go down ye Blood red roses” title became so widespread in folk & shanty circles that “Blood Red Roses” is considered as an old shanty*. Tradition is a very powerful thing in the Royal Navy, and it may be that it was just 'not the done thing'. The song was between the final three finalists, but eventually was defeated by "Ghost", performed by Jamie-Lee Kriewitz. It is not a new thing to know.

Yellow roses mean wisdom and joy. Ares attacked Adonis and when Aphrodite heard his screams, she ran into the forest and found him dying. they probably wished for shanties then though adrenaline may have made up the difference. Having looked at all the available evidence, it looks as if you're right about "Strike The Bell". Just because HCW usually wrote his own tunes, doesn't mean he always did.

I hadn't seen it in ages and was reminded of the tale told of Mr Hugils visit to Poland - he was refered to there as 'Saint' Stan apparantly!

So co-ordinated effort was not so much needed.

Hi So I'm going to take a shot in the dark here, so don't hold anything against me :P. White roses are seen as pure to some, so giving someone a white rose after death would indicate purity and love (of course some just like white roses, too). Ivory Roses.

And that was one of the nicer verses of which I am personally aware. He also thought that the reason Row Bullies Row or (Roll Bullies Roll, as it is also known in some quarters) did not follow a proper work form was that it was a Forecastle song and not a work song at all.

Red roses mean passion and sacrifice. It was from this tree that Adonis was born. He also stated that there were probably others more knowlegeable here that would dispute that, but that was his opinion.

His play, Romeo and Juliet, contains one of the most popular quotes on roses.

I agree that in some circumstances shanties would have been extremely useful, such as in sailing a prize back to port (when very reduced crews were used), but I've not read any report of anything like this happening. He goes on: "It was in these vessels--and only these that a collector of songs was wanted, and it is only is such vessels that a collection could have been made. Warship crews are much more numerous than Merchant crews, far more than would be needed to sail the ship (on a typical frigate 300 crew for a ship that you could sail with 30). Although it comes in several colors, red is the most favorite color of roses undoubtedly.

First, sailors are shy with ladies.

In addition, red roses might have a lighter or darker shade and they might have different message too. A rose’s symbolism varies by the color of the rose and how many roses are given. Taking an interaction to a certain level of relationship can be shown by one dark red rose. This rose has colors like a burgundy or blood color. One day while he was hunting, Adonis came across Ares, one of Aphrodite’s past lovers, who was disguised as a wild boar. For many reasons we want to know more. Discipline was much tighter. Dark red roses can also enable people to deliver a message that is difficult to be said by words only. Can anyone confirm this? They are fun and raise more questions than they answer but they satisfy us.

I believe he was referring to Colcord here. More so for being able to disagree and discuss each others views on the whys and wherefores without resorting to some of the jibes (nautical pun intended) on other threads! Rose hips, the fruit of roses, are also beneficial for you. I would imagine singers have changed the year in the song depending on what year they were singing it. I think I am right in saying that shanties were allowed on merchantmen. When the ship was engaged in action most of those extra men were busy loading and firing and the sailing was left suddenly to far fewer men. Our speculations are just that, speculations. I was confused by the references to soldiers as the version I can see is about whalers so couldn't see a connection. "Mystery of a Blood Red Rose" is a single and opening track to the German power metal project Avantasia's album Ghostlights, released on 11 December 2015 with a lyric video.

Pink roses symbolize gratitude, grace, admiration, and joy. It was understood that everyone under the roses was sworn to secrecy. There are three groups of roses: old roses, modern roses, and species roses. They come in different names, shapes, sizes, and colors. Thanks for starting a very interesting thread sophoclese and thanks one and all for keeping it so. And seeing as us consultants know a thing or two about BS I reckon everyones entitled to a bit of it at least.... "As to Shanties, two attempts, so far as I know, have been made to collect them: these were not successful because the writers were not well equipped for the work. Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and passion. On the Strength card, the rose represents balance. Regarding the content of what was sung, not the form "now seaman who spent their time on cargo-carrying ships" (as opposed to those on passenger ships who were regaled to clean up their acts until the passengers were removed) "never heard a decent Shanty; the words which sailor John put to them, when unrestrained, were the veriest filth." And on the Death card, it’s a reminder of purity, clarity, and transparency of intent. Roses are most commonly associated with love and romance.

Roses are also used on four tarot cards. As Adonis grew, he became an avid hunter. It is used in other contexts as a work song, and there are one or two English folk songs where the tune is used.

What do they represent then?

White roses mean purity and holiness. Newcomers (always a butt of jokes anywhere, but even more so at sea) could suffer agonies before their hands grew the necessary callouses (they were encouraged to soak their hands in salt water and to piss on them!). King Theias shot the tree with an arrow, splitting it in half.

This was bad enough, but to make things worse, the author put words of his own to the songs; this, of course, at once took away any possible value they might have had".

On the occassions that it was, a fiddler (if available)could be used to play a hornpipe, or the marine drummer could be used. Rosewater has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe irritation. Just like red roses in common, we cannot deny that dark red roses are beautiful. And its flamin' drafty 'round Cape Horn, Go down, ye blood red roses, Go down. If a lady goes round sailors' boarding homes and attempts to copy down words and music of Shanties from men, she is bound to fail. Go to the Ballad Search form Go to the Ballad Index Song List, Go to the Ballad Index Instructions Go to the Ballad Index Bibliography or Discography. All contributors are welcome. How about 12 dark red rose meaning?

On the Magician card, it signifies unfolding wisdom. It's 'round Cape Horn we all must go 'Round Cape Horn in the frost and snow.

My apologies.

They can be eaten and contain high amounts of Vitamin C. www.examiner.com  |  www.greeka.com  |  www.pantheon.org  |  www.theoi.com  |  www.tarotteachings.com  |  www.oxforddictionaries.com  |  www.almanac.com  |  www.rose.org  |  www.huffingtonpost.com.

The blood that ran from his wounds hit the ground and turned into roses. So, what do dark red roses mean? Officers usually came from a different class if a very class conscious society. Denigrators do not have to read the thread. Commonly thought … As I understood it, the Blood Red Roses were the blisters and calluses that grew on your hands due to hauling wet rope in cold weather. Because of their sweet fragrance, roses are commonly used in perfume and beauty products. Soldiers a-shipboard were more often called Lobsters or Bloodybacks, tho' I'm … On the Fool, the white rose symbolizes purity and is a reminder to cleanse the mind. Adonis was born from a deceptive union between King Theias and his daughter Myrrha. Why 12?