This amazing mountain Kush hybrid was selectively bred to check every box on the heavy duty indica wish list. Written by: ZamnesiaZamnesia has spent years honing its products, ranges, and knowledge of all things psychedelic. Indica vs. sativa vs. hybrid: What's the difference? She was created by harnessing the genetics of Purple Punch and BF Auto Critical. Pine, lemon, blueberries, and spices all share terpenes with cannabis. Everyone wants to get their hands on the cannabis phenomena known as Green Crack. WIth a THC content over 30%, this strain is no joke. But what sets this Kush apart from the rest is her unique vanilla smell and taste. Many cannabis strains on the market have an invigorating and cerebral effect, which is great for getting a daily energy boost. Studies are just now uncovering their applications. Plus, you won’t be waiting very long for your own stash of medicine thanks to a rapid total grow cycle of 8 weeks. The 8 Types of Cannabis Training Techniques, Weed Smoking: Tips for Treating A Sore Throat, How to Make Cannabutter aka “Hash Butter”, Easiest Cannabis Strains for Beginner Growers, The material on is copyrighted and may not be republished without express permission. The high is soothing, relaxing, and often induces the giggles. In order to provide the best possible service, there are a number of countries that we do not ship to or only ship certain products to. Ensure that you have access to adequate space before germinating these seeds. Mexico has an ideal climate for wild cannabis plants, and is home to many landraces that have been used to cultivate some of the best Haze strains on the planet.

Dark Heart Nursery will release Vanilla Frosting at select retailers across California this month.

Granddaddy Purp, because of its lower potency, is a much gentler high, perfect for reducing stress and getting to sleep. Wedding Cake is an indica dominant hybrid that brings together Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies for one of the best crossovers we have seen to date. Tropicana Cookies is a cross between Forum Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie, making for a unique fruity flavor and strong citrus aroma. Nothing on this website should be considered legal advice. Originally bred by MrSoul in 2000, this strain is rumored to have won a cannabis cup renamed by another breeder. You also waive any liability towards Zamnesia if you act outside your laws. In fact, it's an extremely happy strain, with many reporting its lingering benefits for happiness and stress levels. This allows users to dose throughout the day whilst remaining fully functional and clear-headed.

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The flavors … (Photo by David Downs for Leafly). In contrast, outdoor specimens will provide a harvest of 400g/plant. With high THC level up to 22-25% and nice analgesic properties, God’s Green Crack can treat conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, ADD or ADHD, migraines, and nausea or appetite loss and also helpful for cancer patients. The only question is, what are you still doing reading this when you could be planting? It is a pain reliever suitable for lingering nighttime aches and pains. Exotic Genetix always comes through with some of the best cannabis we've seen, and this cross is no different. With innovative new cannabis companies coming out with amazingly potent marijuana strains every day, we have undoubtedly seen the best weed of our lives in 2019. Exodus Kush is known for inducing the munchies. Vanilla Frosting (Courtesy Dark Heart Nursery), We won’t share this without your permission, Looking For Legal Cannabis Seeds and Starts?

Again, there is less information available about the effects of terpenes , but some experts believe they play an equally important role as cannabinoids to create an "entourage effect.". GodFather OG has a THC level of 34%. This strain is loved by many growers for its abundant resin production.

The Best Strains for Greenhouse to Get the Most Out of Your Grow, Tony Jr is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Critical+ 2.0 has an indica-dominant genetic profile and produces flowers with a THC level of 20%. Experimenting with these two factors can increase the efficiency of your bedtime herb.

Choosing a cannabis strain a profoundly personal experience. The flowers produce a THC level of 18% and a minor CBD level of 1%, which adds some mental clarity to the experience. The latest in marijuana news, culture and politics, Why High-THC Cannabis Rules the Marijuana Market, What is Myrcene? Privacy Policy. Driven by the spirit of Zammi, Zamnesia strives to bring you accurate, factual, and informative content. This summer, Punch progeny will populate hobby gardens nationwide. took home 1st place in the 2019 Bay Area Cannabis Cup with their version of Z Cube. It is a type of substance that produces alterations in psychic activity and perception. Undermost conditions, Green Crack, measures lower levels of THC than some of the more potent strains on the market today. 10. They are seeds for The New—a cross of Cookies and Larry OG. Looking for a cannabis strain that promises you a peek into heaven once used? Perhaps because it delivers a smooth sweet high, despite its high THC content. Apple Fritter is a cross between Sour Apple (Sour Diesel x Cinderella 99) and Animal … It's going to make you feel good, over the course of a long lasting high. Caliva Perfect for sweet cannabis recipes! Sweet Pure Auto CBD has been honed and perfected over 6 generations of vigorous and precise hybridisation. Gardeners typically plant cannabis seeds and juvenile starts in the ground after the last rains of spring. It smells incredibly sweet and skunky, with mild lemony and earthy undertones. If you are relying on cannabis for therapeutic reasons, you’ll want to read up on the main cannabinoids first. Luckily for us we have a huge variety at our disposal. By providing us with your email address, you agree to Leafly’s privacy policy and terms & conditions. Most people report a deeply earthy herbal aroma. White Widow often used for stress relief, and unlike other strains, it's unlikely to trigger an intense experience of paranoia. But Sweet ZZ is more than just a tasty treat; she packs a serious indica punch with a THC level hovering around the 22% mark.