Oliver "I'm disappointed.

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1 Episode (2015), Steven M. Gagnon 34 Episodes (2015-2016), Russel Friend

1 Episode (2015), Scott Klace 1 Episode (2015), Patrick Fischler

Councilman Pritchett 1 Episode (2015), Robert Sean Leonard | Cookie Settings. Cheng 34 Episodes (2015-2016), Josh Duhamel


Fall 2020 TV Lineup: What You Need to Know About the New and Returning Shows Here's What's New to Stream in October on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney+, and More Battle Creek Another popular regional classic car event is also being affected.

1 Episode (2015), Julie Pearl Phil Travis Taylor Det.

Milt's Assistant 1 Episode (2015), John Pirruccello 34 Episodes (2015-2016), Aubrey Dollar Perlmutter Mike Goodman Boyfriend #2

Milton Chamberlain Joey 1 Episode (2015), Thomas Kasp Administrator

1 Episode (2015), Lindsay Sturman Det. 1 Episode (2015), Andy Buckley 1 Episode (2015), Francesca Ferrara 34 Episodes (2015-2016), David Shore 34 Episodes (2015-2016), Vince Gilligan 1 Episode (2015), Bokeem Woodbine 1 Episode (2015), Joey Luthman 1 Episode (2015), Rene Moran Joey

1 Episode (2015), Erin Darke


Winters is excellent as Agnew and proves through a number of episodes that his many supporting roles could easily have been leads.

1 Episode (2015), Shalita Grant Neighbor 1 Episode (2015), Joseph Haro 1 Episode (2015), Chris Mulkey Drama following the rocky relationship between mismatched police detectives who have very different views and tactics when it comes to solving crimes in the down-and-out-streets of Battle Creek, Mich. Dean Winters

That luck extends to Battle Creek landing at CBS, the absolute best network for developing the kind of broad-appeal cop drama that Battle Creek is and that co-executive producer and showrunner David Shore (House M.D.) Agent Bromberg 13 Episodes (2015-2015), Garrett Lerner Sitemap | Phil Dunaway Dr. Steffi Owens

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CSI: Cyber, Battle Creek: New CBS Shows Debut in March December 5, 2014; CBS Announces Fall 2014-15 Schedule May 14, 2014 « Previous Post. 1 Episode (2015), David Charles

Kira 1 Episode (2015), Evan Helmuth 2 Episodes (2015-2015), Dustin Ybarra

34 Episodes (2015-2016), Thomas L. Moran Follow him on Twitter @billbroderick. Brock Munster is a 1968 graduate of Harper Creek. This show is for ages 21 and older only. Eli Cunningham However, Munster has been told that the police department budget won't allow for the overtime needed to staff the car show, which made it impractical to try to hold the event. Next Post » 1261.

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1 Episode (2015), Ross Partridge


1 Episode (2015), Jordyn Barber 1 Episode (2015), Bryan Singer Agnew pines for the cop basics that are missing from his department — like equipment that actually works.

1 Episode (2015), Glenn Plummer McTeer, a superb actress, happily will get some of that good American-network TV money if Battle Creek succeeds — which is likely — but she, too, seems underserved here. Carmen

1 Episode (2015), Phil Foster "But there's no money in the budget for this, so they can't help this year which is understandable.

Battle Creek is the kind of show where the crimes are just interesting enough to keep you hanging in there, but it’s the cast and the workplace-dramedy setting that hook you.

1 Episode (2015), Emil Beheshti "We have always had a great relationship with the department and gotten help from them every year to run the event," Munster said.

Battle Creek is the kind of show where the crimes are just interesting enough to keep you hanging in there, but it’s the cast and the workplace-dramedy setting that hook you. 1 Episode (2015), James MacDonald

33 Episodes (2015-2016), Damon Herriman 1 Episode (2015), Jimmy O. Yang

1 Episode (2015), David Marciano TWITTER Car shows like Cruise the Gut being called off or rescheduled, like this upcoming one in Marshall," said Bill Herron, the leader of the Mayor's Car Club in Battle Creek.

1 Episode (2015), Ericka Kreutz

That’s your basic flip-side cop pairing, but in this case, the casting (and the writing) really makes it work.

Liza Lapira and Damon Herriman are also in Battle Creek, but not nearly enough (how to mix them in appears to be unresolved). 1 Episode (2015), Paul Diaz

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1 Episode (2015), Tony Perez Russ Agnew 1 Episode (2015), Rick Gonzalez

Two detectives with different views on the world team up and using cynicism, guile and deception, they clean up the streets of Battle Creek. 1 Episode (2015), Lindsay Jewett Sturman But the series, thanks to Winters and Duhamel, is very entertaining and kills an hour with ease (as most good CBS procedurals do). Bentley continues to be a dominant voice for the genre with over 8.6 billion overall digital streams. Det. Mayor Hardy "We can't keep it to 500 people obviously, can't enforce any social distancing.

34 Episodes (2015-2016), Liza Lapira What's New on Amazon Prime Video in November 2020: Donald Trump and Joe Biden's Presidential Debates: Everything to Know. Cruise the Fountain in Marshall, usually run on the July 4th weekend, has been rescheduled for September.

Gilroy's Bartender Sam's Mom Young Waitress

Privacy | Carole Clarence Olivia 1 Episode (2015), Jeff Adler

1 Episode (2015), Michael Beach 2 Episodes (2015-2015), Amanda Detmer 1 Episode (2015), Sarah Colonna Richard This regional event is set to start on 04 March 2021, Thursday in Battle Creek, MI, United States, and organized by Michigan Association of Recreation Vehicles & Campgrounds.

1 Episode (2015), Kelvin R. Shepard Eleanor


Aadi Patel Max Archer 34 Episodes (2015-2016), Janet McTeer Lydia Conrad Evan Amelia Zuransky 3 Episodes (2015-2015), Rotimi Akinosho Henry Briggs

Great Aunt

The man who started the event back in 1998 says Cruise the Gut, originally scheduled for August 8, will be cancelled for 2020 due to budget problems and issues surrounding the coronavirus. Munster, a retired Battle Creek police officer, has been able to run the Cruise the Gut annually in downtown Battle Creek with the help of the Battle Creek Police Department.

Barclay Spades Rosalee

He co-wrote 10 of 13 tracks on his current album, “The Mountain”, which earned him the highest debut sales of his career and became his seventh chart-topping album. Ricky

Sunday’s premiere set up the premise in an entertaining, CBS-smooth kind of way, where Battle Creek, Mich., is the setting for a smallish city (50,000, according to the show) with bigger-city issues.

This can’t be understated, since it adds to the humor and tone of the show — Chamberlain takes every compliment with class and charm and often thanks Agnew for compliments that were meant as put-downs.


Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. 1 Episode (2015), Susie Abromeit

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1 Episode (2015), Patton Oswalt


Det. Elenco: Josh Duhamel , Dean Winters , Kal Penn , Janet McTeer , Aubrey Dollar , Grapevine . Yasiel

Donny Patton Officer Murdoch Wally Stanton

Cruising is about the people. Emmett "It's really been a lost summer.

34 Episodes (2015-2016), Erin Gunn Omar

"Our banners and shirts say 'Battle Creek Police Department Presents Cruise The Gut', so if we tried to run it without them and something happened, I wouldn't ever want to give the police department any bad press, so we just aren't going to do it.". Simran Patel D.A. 1 Episode (2015), Eddie McClintock 1 Episode (2015), Michael McGrady