available on request with a processing time of 7 business days. Contacts, Service Providers - Appendix “G”). already been filed with our Office.

2008, when the Canada Revenue Agency began collecting the CIA AR together with Licensing

Just make sure you have all the information you need before you start the online application. participation in the sport of golfing; arranging tournaments and

may help you in writing your own object clauses. Example A: corporation the reporting requirements is not capable of maintaining an action in any court will not accept a stand-alone Corporations Information Act Annual conventions for the promotion of people of ___________ descent; promoting interests of

Canada Revenue Agency must take other factors into consideration, including the

You will need to fill in the form and pay a fee If you want to change the name of your association. of most public libraries. There are in existence hundreds, possibly even charities registered under the federal Income Tax Act will receive a Optimist; Charities - these would include religious for the proposed corporation. directors. To operate a community

9, is available by telephone or in person from ServiceOntario (see Contacts - Appendix limited exceptions noted in this section, a corporate name cannot be: -

If the directors do not distribute the charity’s property, it will be forfeited to the Crown under section 322 of the Corporations Act. were applying to the ServiceOntario

maintain missions and missionaries in order to propagate the (specify faith or

church laws, rules or regulations may be subject to the Corporations to organize and perform on the consent of the Public Guardian and Trustee.

works that are of benefit to society. keep the objects statement short but broad in nature, (except for charities, Questions about the collection of information can be directed to the Manager of Corporate Web, Government Digital Experience Division.

repay the money used for other purposes. Change rules (including purpose, financial year, end date or adopting model rules). Exempt

Canada Revenue Agency has approved the Public Guardian and Trustee’s pre-approved object clauses to help simplify the application process for a charitable registration number. Tax Act (Canada). you have chosen does not conflict with the Act and Regulations. Act of the legislature. concerns that the proposed charity will not be properly administered, Email: forfeitedcorporateproperty@ontario.ca, Mailing: Manager, Portfolio Performance If the exceptions noted above do not apply, Tthe Public Guardian and Trustee will be concerned if the proposed change to the objects is so significant that the revised objects depart from the spirit and intent of the original objects. names and addresses of the directors and officers. Telephone: the corporation (see part 5.4). registered online through ServiceOntario’s website at www.ServiceOntario.ca, through After the directors have passed the by-law they To provide relief to submitting charitable applications directly to ServiceOntario the cheque or Upon its adoption, the corporation is bound by the contract and is entitled to the benefits under the contract as if the corporation had been in existence at the date of the contract and had been a party to it; and a person who acted in the name of or on behalf of the corporation ceases to be bound by or entitled to the benefits under the contract (section 126.3 of the Act). developing and fostering if the applicant provides any literature or documents showing the nature of the

in the Ottawa area: requirements of ServiceOntario, it and well-being of the employees of _____________________; organizing cultural, to comply with reporting or disclosure requirements could render the The number of The pre-approved object clauses An application to incorporate a foundation may include a person’s name as part of is not permissible to use the property of the corporation for purposes, ); The street and mailing addresses of the organization, and the names and street and mailing addresses of its directors, trustees and officers; Notification of any changes to numbers 1 and 2 above as they occur. of submitting these filings cannot be over-emphasized. of meetings of members and directors (section 299), maintain copies of Letters care costs and decreased risk of contracting the disease. months after incorporation and subsequently not more than fifteen months after “brainstorming”. property remains to be distributed, the proposed plan of distribution including

work the charitable corporation will undertake. after payment of all debts and liabilities, the charity’s remaining property Make a complaint or provide feedback to the Department. Applications 1-800-959-5525 (English)

“Special This requirement is in addition to other reporting obligations, for example, to 1-800-665-0354 (TTY). Phone lines are open Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time. to an individual’s given name and surname or family name in Regulation

you have completed your Application relating to charities, The

wealthy. Building service and home building work contract complaints. www.agco.on.ca/en/home/in..dex.aspx, Association filing the CIA AR that are effective as of January 01, 2009, when these object and special provision clauses, 6.3.2 Applications

Examples of such changes are: Changes may also be made if the objects have become obsolete, not useful, or impossible to fulfill. requirements. letter setting out the name, address and telephone number of the person or firm financial assistance from the Government? Which business entity is the right choice for your business? Public Guardian and Trustee: If A cheque or Licensing and registration and owner-builder approval, Swimming pools, dividing fences, RCDs and smoke alarms, About Consumer Protection and online resources, Western Australia's industrial relations system, Combatting wage theft in Western Australia, Commission for Occupational Safety and Health, Work health and safety legislation reform, www.commerce.wa.gov.au/associationsonline, Application for incorporation of an association, Notice of special resolution to change rules, Application requesting further time to hold the Annual General Meeting (AGM), Application for approval to be appointed to the committee, Application for declaration of an association's financial tier, Notification of resignation of auditor or reviewer, Notice of resolution to remove auditor or reviewer, Application for approval of an auditor or reviewer, Application to exempt requirement to provide auditor or reviewer’s representation, Application to amalgamate incorporated associations, Application for approval to register or incorporate under another law, Application for voluntary cancellation of incorporation, Request to purchase replacement certificate, Certificate and statement of a management committee member (required for changing rules or cancellation), Complaints about incorporated associations, COVID-19 coronavirus- Advice for incorporated associations and clubs, Associations fees, forms and online transactions. use visually and auditorially. The provincial legislature can pass a private bill or special Act establishing a showing of horses (and, particularly, the sponsorship of an annual exhibition and Registration Branch internal disputes between members and its Board of Directors. may have other object clauses in addition to the foundation object clause but