Huron River Miles 53-46. GALLERY. Construction on Huron River Drive near Ann Arbor has finished, with the quality of the road bed much improved. This helps make it clear that these little oddly named streetlets are remnants of the pre-freeway landscape, that is, that they are the alignments of Hogback and HRD before they were slashed and rearranged by the imposition of the multi-lane raised berm US-23 from 1965. Continuing on, NHRD runs alongside the railroad tracks, gently curving southward along with the river. After crossing under US-23, EHRD continues north-east at a 45 degree angle; the other direction heads south-west toward Washtenaw Avenue as Hogback Road. JOIN CREW. In 1837 the University of Michigan moved from Detroit to Ann Arbor, setting the stage for the community’s growth into one of Michigan’s larger cities.

All tubes exit at end of Cascades - do not continue downstream

and is a project of the Huron River Watershed Council and RiverUp! Details on the road the rest of the way to Lake Erie from there are covered on the Downriver Wiki. By May of 1824, the name “Ann Arbor” had been chosen for the town. There are, however a number of gaps along the way. Website We are committed to developing academic excellence, integrity, and independent thinkers who are life-long learners devoted to good citizenship, and to celebrating diversity and equity. The Gallup Coffee Shop provides concessions, ice cream and baked goods. See Copyrights.

The Huron River, winding through Ann Arbor, Dexter, and Ypsilanti, is a favorite spot for all kinds of recreation.

Video on Portaging Argo Dam and the Cascades Bar/Restaurant

Donate. There's no bike lane, but you can safely get on the road by crossing the train tracks at Bandemer Park. Website As our many-branched, many-named Huron River Drive follows the serpentine Huron River to Lake Erie, and thus, ultimately to the sea, it has many more adventures. Casey’s Tavern Continue east, you will end up in Wayne County's Van Buren Township. HS continues south from I-94 for just over a mile until it intersects the next section of HRD. Click here for more information on how to use the launch. Map The livery offers a still water paddle on the 2 mile long Argo Pond and two longer trips: Barton to Gallup (2.5 hours) and Delhi to Argo (4 hours). Join or learn more here. Geddes Avenue once crossed the river on what is now the wooden bridge in Gallup Park and continued east along the north side of the river to Concordia University and beyond; the road north of the river is now called Geddes Road. In the warmer weather, take a hike through the trails and picnic at one of the many parks. Continuing south, the former EHRD becomes Golfside Road, crossing Washtenaw Avenue and Packard Road and ending at Ellsworth Road.