The Winter of My Content

..and how could it not be? 74 degrees in early January! The temperatures never really vary that much in the Bay area and that’s why I like it here. Cool Mediterranean is the perfect climate for swinging kettlebells, and in my opinion, outdoors has always got to be the first choice whenever training. Fresh air and Vitamin D are part of the fitness package in the 510. Throw in a Redwood or Oak tree, a body of water (Lake Merritt, SF Bay, Pacific Ocean, Russian River) and you’ve got a recipe for sanity in this all too connected world.

I’m grateful to have experienced much harsher climates in my life.

I was born in a land of “the frozen tundra,” where an NFL Championship game, forever known as the “Ice Bowl,” was played. I always remember January being an especially rough after day of sub-zero temps. Throwing blankets on car engines to keep them “warm.” There wasn’t anything like computers, cable TV, Smart phones, etc to slow us down. We took advantage of the environment by playing football in the snow, X-country skiing, ice skating, tobogganing and a “pure” form of skitching — grabbing a bumper and riding on one’s heels down snow-filled streets.

Rocky & Butkus

Those memories are firmly etched in my soul, but there will be no going “home,” or Back East as my native Californian friends like to say. The Bays (both Monterey & SF) have been my friend for 18 years and for me it’s where my heart will always be. Snow is just a three hour drive away..and that’s the way I like it!

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