The Metamorphosis of a Salesman

Strongman ornaments on Christmas Day- Marina Green, SF

My metamorphosis from a corporate salesman to a personal trainer takes another big leap forward in 2012. It’s funny how life events can come full circle. It was 25 years ago when I was a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I had switched majors for the second time and found myself taking classes in nutrition..& human anatomy. Learning the ins and outs of the human body, while studying cadavers, was a memory that I will never forget. I was yet too wild in my youth to fully pursue this interest of mine. I fell back to what every Foley knows how to do..sell anything. Yes, my life turned into a scene straight out of Glenngarry GlenRoss – Pardon the “french” in this video, but it’s proven fact that salespeople who curse a lot tend to have higher sales numbers 😉

Fast forward 22 years. The kettlebell is introduced to me by a good friend, Aaron Fletcher, a purple belt jiu jitsu & former US Navy EOD ninja. We were at Berkeley Ironworks. There was a 50lbs kettlebell sitting alone in the corner of the gym. I went straight for it and haven’t stopped swinging since. Two years past that time I completed the Russian Kettlebell Challenge in Sept. ’11. The physical accomplishment of becoming an RKC was very satisfying. The new friendships & opportunities formed have been immeasurable.

So what now? The next three months I’ll be focused on expanding my knowledge of that which I started 25 years ago. I’ll be learning methods to help athlete’s perform better and gain strength to allow them to excel at their individual sports. Z-Health’s Essential’s of Elite Performance and Pavel and Dan John’s Easy Strength workshop in Reno, NV are the next steps that lay ahead. My path to deepen my knowledge, build my strength community, and forge new friendships will move forward with reckless abandon! Power to you in 2012!

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