If you want a coach who is 100% invested in your success, call Thomas. I found the “510 Kettelbellzen” Master and I am super impressed, wow! I am hooked. What a fantastic teacher. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an elite or pro athlete or just new to kettlebells, Thomas will make your session enjoyable, fun and productive. He’ll tap into your goals and help get you to the next level of your training– whether you want to just feel strong, shed pounds, feel powerful, Thomas will help you get there!

At Sol Performance Training, Thomas works with some of our elite athletes and they are getting RESULTS. For me personally–getting me focused and more powerful at 47, he is a godsend. I feel 10 years younger in 6 weeks of training! I completely enjoy the challenge and focus of hard-style kettlebell training and believe Thomas is the best you can find-dedicated, precise, biomechanically sound, practical, motivating and inspiring each session.

Dr. Tammara Moore, DPT Oakland, CA July 29, 2014

After speaking with Thomas for several months via phone and email, I finally had the opportunity to meet him. Thomas is constantly asking questions, assessing and tinkering. He wants to get better to help his students get better. If you hire Thomas, you’ll find someone who is constantly working on his craft in order to be the best RKC instructor he can be.

Ari K. Harris RKC,FMS,NASM CPT, USA-W New York City July 29, 2014

I met Thomas at RKC Chicago and, even though we were on different teams for the weekend, we got to be friends and stayed in touch. I did not pass in Chicago–by the time we got to testing on Sunday, I didn’t have enough left to pass the snatch test. Through advice Thomas gave me after we all went back home, as well as others, and encouragement while I was self-training to pass the snatch test, I found out I actually DID have what it took to pass and over Thanksgiving weekend 2011, I did.

Thomas is an example of what this community is all about–supporting others when you can, being positive, and representing the RKC with humility and wisdom. If you get the chance to train with Thomas, you will be doing yourself a favor.

July 29, 2014

You have changed the way my legs work, I thank you for the amazing balance I have now when I run. No more hip flexor dominance, gluts, hams and core are all balanced. THANK YOU!

Ada Jauregui Emeryville, CA July 29, 2014

I really love the kettlebells, which I would never have thought were for me! They look so big and intimidating. However, under Tom’s wonderful guidance, I have quickly become much stronger and my technique is really improving. I love this class and it truly does not feel like you are working out because it is so fun and different. If it weren’t for my body being sore EVERYWHERE the next day, I wouldn’t believe I got such a great workout in. If you have ever wanted to try out a workout growing in popularity, give it a shot! Tom is great, the class is fun, and your body will thank you!

Amelia Sandoval Oakland, CA July 29, 2014

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