What is StrongFirst?



StrongFirst is foremost a school of strength. You can think of your strength in the form of a cup. The bigger the cup, the more things you can do. It is a system that will efficiently and safely allow you to reach high levels of strength..for whatever purpose!

1. Unloading that suitcase from the car or overhead bin of an airplane.
2. Giving your child a piggy-back ride or even taking their slumbering body up to bed!
3. Scaling Half Dome
4. Conquering any East Bay hill
5. Defending yourself!
6. Preparing for Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Dirty Girl Mud Run, Goruck Challenge, & Marathons

In the sage words of Master SFG Mark Reifkind the following will be addressed on your road to becoming StrongFirst!

The key components to training:

1) flexibilty/mobility

2) stability

3) strength

4) endurance

5) power

the seven primal patterns:

1) squatting

2) lunging

3) pushing

4) pulling

5) bending

6) twisting

7) gait

The Basic equation for improvement:

Adaptation = Overload + Recovery.

There you have it. Focus on maintaining and improving each of these qualities in some way and have a way to assess where you are on each in some fashion and you will progress. Speed of progression is nowhere near as important as direction.

Trendline is everything. There is no standing still. You are either going backward or forward.
Eventually, at some point, going backward slowly will count as progress :))

Take note that RECOVERY is an equal part of the equation. One will only ignore that for a very limited time before reality smacks them in the head.

All one needs to take control of their body and get as strong, fast, enduring and agile as they can. Train what’s weakest first and most often and then the next in line and so on.

Train what’s strongest at the end as whatever is naturally strong takes the least amount of work to maintain or improve.

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