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Skyline Wilderness Park - Napa, CA

Skyline Wilderness Park – Napa, CA


I don’t get the opportunity to escape the noisy urban life as much as I’d like. So when an opportunity arose to go to Skyline Wilderness Park near Napa, I jumped! A fairly steep 9 mile loop trail that led us up to the “peak,” of Sugarloaf Mountain (1630ft). We were able to  see the Golden Gate Bridge and Sutro Tower. There was also a string of Tibetan prayer flags strung across the limb of an Oak. An auspicious start to my second year with KBZen.

I look forward to more days like this. Situations where real conversations and interactions can flow unencumbered by electronic devices. Places that allow me the opportunity to clear my mind and connect with a deeper sense of self. Natural settings that inspire awe & possibilities. That’s the thing that will bring me peace of mind.

It was also a chance to learn! My dear friend and mentor, Cecilia Tom, is about to embark on the Master Trainer’s program with Z-health. She has a wealth of information on helping people get out of pain and move better. I’m like a sponge around her and I’m grateful that she is such a giving person!

“Z-Health is a way to elicit maximal gains in athletic performance in minimal time by targeting the nervous system. Why the nervous system? It is what actually CONTROLS movements. Muscles are dumb and only do what they are told to do by the brain and nervous system.”

Meredith got a heavy dose of Z-drills today and we seemed to get a little break-through with her hip hinge and swing. We employed ankle tilts, toe pulls, pelvic tilts, vision drills, camshafts, hip & lumbar circles. It’s all connected, so we will continue to assess and reassess using these drills!

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