A November to Remember

Lift heavy things up, put them over your head...rinse, lather, repeat!

Lift heavy things up, put them over your head…rinse, lather, repeat!

I’ve lived in California since 1994. I can’t remember a November where it hit a high of 70 degrees with regularity. We are certainly spoiled and need to revel in it while we can! December 1 was more of the same..downright beautiful!

I also enjoy the cool of the morning. It is also my time for self reflection/meditation and strength training. The mental toughness to arise from your super cozy bed can be significant. Luckily, my early risings are automatic and that’s the way I like it. (thank you Grandpa Foley & Grandpa Gregor). Seizing the day like this builds momentum, jump-starts your metabolism and just makes you simply more productive as a human being. The added bonus..you’ll be better prepared to fend off the parries and blows (literally and figuratively) that come at you each day. Jumping into to the chilly temps, when a warm bed is calling your name, takes initiative. You need to get to sleep by 9 or 10pm. It’s worth it (for me). What I am finding out though, is that when temperatures hit the 40’s, or even 30’s, we begin to accelerate and grow even more. The chills we temporarily had are eliminated (ironically enough) by cold iron bells. Your layers will soon be shed, so join us! Weds. & Friday, 6am @ Beach Field

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