My Kettlebell Rebel Yell

Talk about the watershed moment – my third (and final) son being born one day after my 40th birthday. Quinton came into the Spring of my life..and so did the kettlebell. The kettlebell, sitting in a dusty corner of Berkeley Ironworks gym, didn’t even have to announce himself. I knew right away that it was a rebellious object..because no one was using it. I was going through life with open eyes that day..ready for the opportunity. Ready to be a kettlebell rebel.

Specialize in doing this opposite. Be a contrarian. Sprint through Life..don’t jog. Don’t follow the pack (or Bears or Lions for that matter!). Move to California. Be the first in your family to go to graduate school. Live in a “dangerous” city like Oakland..aka “The Town,”that just happens to have the most perfect weather climate for kettlebelling 365 days/year. We live with open eyes & hearts in one of the most diverse cities in this country, opting not to sell out to suburbia. Oakland speaks to our souls in a deep way. It’s kind of funny seeing how both my wife and I came from VERY small, homogenous towns in the Midwest. All the moves that have been made were of our choosing. Now, I choose to remain physically active to ensure that I get to participate fully in the lives of my kids. Some have called me “weird,” in my pursuits and that my kettlebell community is “cultish.” These jibes of misunderstanding that come my way are greeted and then sent along into the dustbin of life. Wax-on, wax off….

Sticks and Stones

The goal now is to stay on top of my craft and improve. As a StrongFirst Instructor, I’m forever learning, forever practicing, forever a “Permanent Beginner!” Practicing movements that will allow me to excel at the things I love to do: frisbee, ping pong, tennis, sprinting, playing catch with a football, & shutting down a 20-something on the basketball court. Oh yeah, & there is the pseudo-Greco-Roman wrestling matches with the boys. It’s to help others not only learn the beauty of kettlebells, but to help people move better, in the safest of manners.

As for my boys, they are my PRIME motivators

Future 510 Kettlebellers & Human turkish get-up practice tools 🙂

and will learn when they are ready. The tools are always there for them, but I will not shove the proverbial kettlebell spoon down their throat. It needs to come from them. In the meantime, I will use them as a tool in my training, to help them get the gist of a life of strength.

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