Green Light = PUSH!

Green Light

Spring is here. Earth Day has come and passed. Growth is in the cards in nature, and in yourself. So, let’s take a look back, to January 1, 2012. Did you burn the resolution candle at both ends? How long did it last? Four weeks, six weeks, 12 weeks, and if so, now what? What’s your plan? Did you think you could rip it up everyday and make it through 365 days?!

I’ve had the honor of training with and being a student of Dan John, Master RKC. He talks about a goal-setting system which factors in important variables like, “What is going on in your life,” and “Can your lifestyle support your intended goal?” These are his Red, Yellow & Green light definitions when it comes to training. The yellow is where you are going to be most of the year, but there will be a couple times in the year (in four to six week increments) where you will lay the proverbial pedal to the kettlebell metal. After completing my 40 Day Easy Strength plan a few weeks back, I was looking for that ‘green light’ experience. I stumbled upon Comrade Pat Flynn’s website, Chronicles of Strength, and honed in on a program called the Prometheus Protocol. It’s very simple and straight-forward, but not easy. The format consists of 10 sets of 5 repetitions of cleaning and pressing double kettlebells. I started with two 20kgs. You then proceed with 10 sets of 5 front squats. The clean and front squat are classic armor building movements, and two movements that I have fallen in love with. The press calls upon the entire body to execute, so no muscle was left unturned in this routine. The density variable was executed in a “I go, You go,” format, which leaves little time to catch your breath. Cardio, check. LOL!

Enter the Kettle(Belles) – That’s right, SOL-Sisters Ada and Jasmine, my secret weapons. If ever there was a force of positive energy, it’s these two warriors. They are the “You go” component that keep me on my toes. We have faithfully met at 5:45am on MWF for the past three weeks. We work on the Prometheus Protocol MonFri and then another devious routine like the “Deep Six,” on Wednesdays.

Our mantra and motivating chant is “PUSH!” When the going gets tough, this word powers us forward. I will text this word to them 15-20min before we meet to make sure we are all on the same page. No-shows are NOT an option when training under the green light. We challenge each other to make gains on our previous best & the results have been very satisfying. We plan on cycling through with this program through next week, at which time, we will move back to ‘yellow light’ mode. Just yesterday, I completed the entire circuit with double 24kgs. So the gains have been fast and furious!

Pace yourselves people. Know when to lay it on the line. Blowing out your engines each and every time will only lead to burn-out and injury. Take time to practice your skills in a mindful manner. Then take the opportunity a couple times a year to go for the throat. Find kindred strength spirits during these ‘green light’ windows. They will empower you to discover a new stronger self.

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