About Coach T

“The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.” – Morihei Ueshiba

StrongFirst Girya Instructor – Pavel’s new venture for those living a life of Strength

I’m a self-confessed kettlebell junkie and total convert to a life of strength, endurance and flexibility. I have no choice. I have three boys growing up and getting big. My passion for the AK-47 of training tools is undeniable and I WILL spread the word throughout the 510 as to the benefits of using this “portable gym,” to transform your life.The kettlebell is an efficient fat-stripper, will enhance cardiovascular conditioning (without the dishonor of aerobics), forge mental toughness, improve flexibility & reduce stress. Kettlebell training is not a workout..it is a practice like other martial arts. Many of the movements require total focus on the task at hand, so NO there won’t be any magazine reading or TV watching in my classes.

Find the green space, then swing the kettlebell!


Physical culture has always been an underlying theme throughout my whole life. I think it all started with 70’s classic “Rocky.” Soon thereafter my brother & I were pressing our Sear’s cement/plastic-covered weight set for our own “strongman,” contests. Other than that, all the activity a kid could ask for was found right outside our front door. Pick-up baseball, football, tag, bicycling, swimming, running were the order of everyday. PE classes in elementary school were a reality. Climbing ropes to the ceiling, chin-ups, pull-ups, wrestling, flag-football, kickball, dodgeball and monkey bars were the norm. Nautilus, Universal,  free weights, & yoga all followed. It wasn’t until my early 40’s that I discovered the kettlebell. Little did I realize at the time how much of an impact this “cannonball with a handle,” would have. Two years thereafter, September 11, I became certified to become an instructor of Russian Kettlebells (RKC). I have since aligned my goals with Pavel and StrongFirst. We are totally committed to getting people strong and flexible in the safest way possible. I’m here to help you achieve the goals you never thought were possible. Flatter stomach – done, firm butt – done, your first pull-up – done. A world of new opportunities? Definitely!

Using kettlebells, bodyweight exercises and joint mobility work, I can do the same for you!

Russian Kettlebell Certified (RKC I)
Strong First Girya I
Easy Strength Certified (Pavel & Dan John)
Z-Health – Essentials of Elite Performance, R-Phase
Certified AED/CPR American Heart Association

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