Festivus For the Rest of Us

December 23rd took hold of me this year like never before. That’s right, Festivus! I know, you are thinking that it was just another silly Seinfeld episode, but to me it was much more. The fact that this was a holiday that began in my birth year – 1966 – further signified that this was a special day. The Solstice had just passed and now was the time for personal renewal and FEATS OF STRENGTH!

Fitting right into the plan was the December All-ups Challenge. Most of the folks participating are newly minted RKC’s, and RKC’s-to-be. We are on a quest to greatly improve our chin-up and pull-up capacity. One way that I found to make great gains in this area was to practice more bottoms-up pressing (see photo below). This is a kettlebell movement which I never paid much attention to until recently. Better late than never because it has become a personal favorite and one that I do in my cubicle everyday at work!

I concluded that for me Festivus was not a one-day deal, but a three day reflection on my progress for the year, and my dreams for 2012. The third day, Christmas, was capped off in beautiful Festivus form. Eight kettlebellers congregated at Marina Green in San Francisco. My own personal kettlebell mentor, RKC II Cecilia Tom, was leading the charge that day. The Golden Gate Bridge was set in a haze projecting an ephemeral beauty. Kettlebells were the religion and nature was our sanctuary. PR’s were attained and new goals set. Set your calendars now because this will be a tradition that you will not want to miss! Power to you in 2012!

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