510 Kettlebellzen Challenge

Power Personified! The Overhead Kettlebell Waiter Walk

Power Personified! The Overhead Kettlebell Waiter Walk

Start the New Year off on the right foot. Experience the power on the kettlebell and understand how this “cannonball with a handle,” can transform your body in as little as 12 weeks. We will meet three days a week and I will be giving you homework for your “off” days as well.

You will become proficient in five of the most basic kettlebell movements; The Swing, the Turkish Get-up, the Goblet squat, front squat and military press. Each of these movements provide a total body workout. You will also be exposed to movements like the kettlebell Windmill, the Clean & the Snatch!

What can you expect?

Greater flexibility & mobility, a flatter stomach, powerful glutes, greater lung capacity and new-found strength that will keep you coming back for more. We will also mix-in a variety of bodyweight exercise to keep you on your toes and the sessions fresh!

Membership fee for this opportunity to change your life is $497. That’s right, just eliminate the cost of that daily MochaJavaFrappaBappaCino, and you’ll be doing your health a favor on two fronts.

Power to You!

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