Building Social Currency, one swing at a time!

Joaquin Miller Park Swingin'

Joaquin Miller Park Swingin’

I’m not sure where this kettlebell train is going, but I like how far we have come. Such good souls that I have met over the last nine months. Some of you have even been with me for over 18 months! I have to kick myself sometimes because I’m actually getting the opportunity to do what I really love. Isn’t that what life’s all about? I always heard that phrase, “do what you love, help people, and the rest will take care of itself.” I’m a believer!

I’ve gotten to know so many incredible and diverse sets of people. Pastors, derby girls, architects, marketing mavens, attorneys, artists, small business owners, psychologists, healthcare providers and government employees. All brought together under the KettlebellZen Umbrella. We share information and encourage each other. Best of all, I get super-inspired by your enthusiasm, and the inevitable PR (personal record) that happens for virtually everyone when we meet.

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