Best to Bust a Move!

#1 on Forbes 'Healthiest Cities' List - Minneapolis

#1 on Forbes ‘Healthiest Cities’ List – Minneapolis

If there is one thing that I’ve quickly come to learn, it’s that Kettlebell Zen folks are always on the move..and that ‘s a great thing! People have traveled to Mexico, Paraguay, Thailand, Taiwan, England, Madagascar and assorted stops throughout the United States. Well now, it’s my turn! Next weekend I get to spend a whopping three days in the fine cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The Twin Cities!

Lucky for me, not only will I get to partake in a Foley wedding, but I’ll also get to hang-out AND celebrate my grandmother’s 96th birthday! 1918..are you kidding me! Speaking of longevity, I’ve got memories of all four of my great-grandmothers. They all lived into their 90’s.

I’ll also get the opportunity to meet folks with my community of strength and movement. As a StrongFirst Instructor, I’ve got access to some of the top trainers in the world!

On Friday, I get to meet with StrongFirst Instructor Jen Kalmes. She recently completed the Progressive Calisthenics Instructor certification with the amazing Kavadlo Brothers.

Later on that evening, I’ll be meeting with Sarah Miller of Spirit Fire Fitness and Micheal Rendle of NE Kettlebells. Micheal is a Senior Team Leader within StrongFirst and a National Coach at Primal Move.

Lastly, I get to see StrongFirst, Level II Leslie Branham in St. Paul on Sunday morning. We will be tackling a 175 step staircase (multiple times) in a very scenic part of the city.

My mission is to keep on learning from the best and delivering it to you! In the meantime, take advantage of this great weather and my personal favorite time of the year…MAY!

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